• High Temperature Wire,18 Awg, 500' Roll
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High Temperature Wire,18 Awg, 500' Roll

by Radix Item #: CO-HTW18-500
Upgrade Your Electrical Connections with High Temperature 18 AWG Wire
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Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, our wire features Teflon treated glass that is UL approved, ensuring safety and reliability for your electrical projects. Crafted from nickel plated stranded copper, this high-quality wire offers superior conductivity, making it perfect for internal wiring of electrical equipment and appliances.

Rated for 250c and 600V, our high temperature wire 18 awg 500' roll is the ideal choice for those working with high-performance applications. The unique combination of durability, flexibility, and heat resistance sets this wire apart from the competition, providing you with peace of mind and a product you can trust.

Don't compromise on quality – choose our high temperature wire 18 awg for your next project, and experience the difference that our cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence can make. Upgrade your wiring game with our high temperature wire 8 awg and unlock the full potential of your electrical equipment and appliances. Get your hands on this exceptional wire today and elevate your projects to new heights.
  • Meets high-temperature demands with 250c rating
  • UL-approved for safety and trust
  • 600V rating for increased capacity
  • Teflon-treated glass insulation for durability
  • Flexible, nickel-plated stranded copper construction
  • 500' roll for abundant supply
  • Ideal for electrical equipment and appliance wiring
  • 18 AWG for optimum performance
  • Easy to install and maneuver
  • Reliable, long-lasting connections

High Temperature Wire,18 Awg, 500' Roll Q&A

What is the temperature rating of this wire?
The wire has a high-temperature rating of 250c.
Is this wire UL-approved?
Yes, the wire is UL-approved for safety and trust.
What is the voltage rating of this wire?
The wire has a voltage rating of 600V, providing increased capacity.
What material is used for the insulation?
Teflon-treated glass is used for insulation, ensuring durability and safety.
What is the length of the wire roll?
The wire roll is 500' in length, providing an abundant supply for your needs.
What is the wire's key feature?
High temperature resistance makes it reliable for various applications.
Is this wire suitable for appliances?
Yes, this wire is perfect for internal wiring of electrical appliances.
What is the wire's construction?
The wire is made of flexible, nickel-plated stranded copper.
What is the gauge of this wire?
The wire is 18 AWG, offering optimum performance.
How easy is it to install?
The wire is easy to install and maneuver, making it ideal for various applications.

High-Temperature 18 AWG Wire for Electrical Equipment & Appliances

Level up the reliability of your electrical connections with this high-temperature 18 AWG wire. Designed to withstand even the toughest conditions, it's perfect for all your electrical equipment and appliances.

Experience ultimate durability with our nickel-plated stranded copper wire that's rated at 250c and 600V. This 18 AWG wire ensures a long-lasting and efficient performance, giving you the confidence to power on.

Safety and trust are as important to us as they are to you. That's why our high-temperature wire is UL-approved and features Teflon-treated glass insulation. It's not only built to last, but the quality you can rely on!

When it comes to internal wiring for electrical equipment and appliances, you need a wire that you can trust. Look no further than our high-temperature 18 AWG wire on a 500' roll - it's the wiring solution you've been searching for!

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