• Diamond 41265 Toothpicks 750 Count Per Pack x 48 Packs
  • Diamond 41265 Toothpicks 750 Count Per Pack x 48 Packs
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  • Diamond 41265 Toothpicks 750 Count Per Pack x 48 Packs
  • Diamond 41265 Toothpicks 750 Count Per Pack x 48 Packs

Diamond 41265 Toothpicks 750 Count Per Pack x 48 Packs

by Diamond Item #: DB-41265-48PK
Effortlessly Enhance Your Presentation
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With a whopping 750 count per pack and 48 packs in total, you'll have plenty of toothpicks to last for all your gatherings, parties, and baking adventures.

These flat toothpicks, featuring a flat design along the entire toothpick, are not only visually appealing but also incredibly functional. Their unique design ensures a better grip and ease of use, making them perfect for serving appetizers, holding sandwiches together, and even for intricate baking purposes.

Made with high-quality materials, these Diamond toothpicks are durable and long-lasting, allowing you to confidently rely on them for all your needs. With their versatile and user-friendly features, these toothpicks will quickly become an indispensable addition to your kitchen arsenal.

So why wait? Elevate your hosting game with the Diamond 41265 Toothpicks and experience the difference that quality and style can make. With their exceptional functionality and unique design, these toothpicks will surely impress your guests and make your life easier. Start enjoying the benefits of these amazing toothpicks today.
  • Versatile flat toothpicks for serving and baking needs
  • Enhance presentation with functional and stylish design
  • Excellent grip and stability
  • Durable material for reliable use
  • Great for appetizers and desserts
  • Bulk packaging with 48 packs
  • Generous 750 toothpicks per pack
  • Ideal for home or business use
  • Effortless serving experience
  • Save time and money with bulk purchase

Diamond 41265 Toothpicks 750 Count Per Pack x 48 Packs Q&A

What are the toothpicks' design?
Flat along the entire toothpick.
Are these toothpicks suitable for baking purposes?
Yes, they are perfect for baking purposes.
How many toothpicks are there per pack?
750 toothpicks are in each pack.
What is the total number of toothpick packs?
48 packs are included in this bulk purchase.
Can I use these toothpicks for appetizers and desserts?
Yes, they're great for serving appetizers and desserts.
Are these toothpicks durable?
Yes, they're made of a durable material for reliable use.
How do the flat toothpicks help in serving?
Their flat design provides excellent grip and stability, enhancing presentation.
Is this a good option for home or business use?
Yes, these toothpicks are ideal for both home and business use.
Can I save money with this bulk purchase?
Yes, purchasing these toothpicks in bulk can help you save money.
What brand are these toothpicks from?
These toothpicks are from the Diamond brand.

Versatile Diamond 41265 Flat Toothpicks - Perfect for Serving and Baking

Elevate your serving experience with versatile and functional Diamond 41265 flat toothpicks. These high-quality picks provide a practical and stylish option for appetizers, desserts, and various baking needs.

The Diamond 41265 toothpicks offer exceptional durability, ensuring reliable use for any occasion. Their flat design ensures maximum grip, stability, and presentation, so you can serve in style and with confidence.

Offered in a generous quantity of 750 toothpicks per pack and available in bulk with 48 packs, the Diamond 41265 flat toothpicks are perfect for stocking your home or business. Say goodbye to running out of picks at your next event.

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