• Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper, Black
  • Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper, Black
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  • Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper, Black
  • Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper, Black

Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper, Black

by Oster Item #: OS-78153-600
Efficiently Handle Animal Grooming with the Shearmaster Clipper
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With its high-torque design and powerful motor, this clipper effortlessly handles detailed clipping tasks on lambs, cattle, llamas, goats, sheep, hogs, and even large breed dogs.

Experience the benefits of this cool-running, versatile clipper, featuring an improved fan to reduce temperatures and a 7 to 1 gear reduction for superior torque and performance. Operating at an impressive 2500 cycles per minute, the Shearmaster is equipped with a 3" wide sheephead, making it the go-to choice for shearing professionals worldwide.

Say goodbye to second cuts in the fleece, as the A13-tooth comb and 4-point cutter ensure a high-quality shearing job every time. Plus, with various comb and cutter combinations available, this clipper can handle all your grooming tasks with ease.

The Shearmaster Clipper comes in a durable grooming case, complete with compartments to keep your tools and accessories organized, protected, and ready for action. The adjustable tension knob allows for effortless blade adjustments, while the quieter, cooler-running motor ensures a stress-free experience for both you and your animals.

Designed for user comfort, this clipper boasts superior balance, reducing fatigue during extended use. The soft touch grip offers enhanced control and comfort, while the double insulation ensures safety during operation. This clipper is UL listed, meets OSHA specifications, and operates with CE Approval 120v and 240v/220v 150W 50Hz.

Enjoy the convenience of a cool run motor with sealed bearing stay oil for 100 hours, allowing for virtually maintenance-free operation without the need for frequent oiling. The 15 ft HD insulated power cord provides ample reach, while the extra air intake filter screen ensures long-lasting performance.

Used and trusted by groomers, veterinarians, and show people alike, the Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper in Black is the ultimate grooming tool to keep your animals looking their best. Invest in the best and experience the difference today.
  • Highly versatile for shearing various animals
  • Powerful motor with 2500 cycles per minute
  • Cool-running design for reduced temperatures
  • Ergonomic grip for comfortable use
  • Easy blade adjustments with marked tension knob
  • Diverse comb and cutter options
  • Comes with a durable grooming case

Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper, Black Q&A

What is the motor speed of the Shearmaster Ew311 Clipper?
The motor speed is 2500 cycles per minute.
What types of animals can the clipper be used on?
It can be used on sheep, cattle, llamas, goats, hogs, and large breed dogs.
What is the gear reduction of the clipper?
It has a 7 to 1 gear reduction.
What is the purpose of the marked tension knob?
It allows for easy blade adjustments for various grooming jobs.
How does the Shearmaster Clipper prevent overheating?
It has an improved fan and blade system to ensure it runs cooler.
What accessories are included with the clipper?
It comes with a grooming case, 13-tooth comb, and 4-point cutter.
What is the width of the sheephead?
It is 3 inches wide.
Is it suitable for professional use?
Yes, the Shearmaster Clipper is a popular choice among shearing professionals.
Are there any other voltage options available?
Yes, it is available in both 120v and 220/240v for international customers.
What is the benefit of the comb and cutter provided?
The 13-tooth comb and 4-point cutter perform a high-quality shearing job with few second cuts in the fleece.

Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper: Powerful & Efficient for Animal Grooming

The Shearmaster Ew311 Clipper is a highly powerful and versatile tool for handling the grooming needs of various animals like sheep, cattle, llamas, and even large breed dogs. Its cool-running design and top-notch performance make it a go-to choice for many shearing professionals around the globe.

Featuring a 7 to 1 gear reduction, this lightweight clipper provides superior torque and performance, allowing it to run at an impressive speed of 2500 cycles per minute. Its clearly marked tension knob allows for easy blade adjustment, making the tool suitable for a wide range of grooming jobs.

The Shearmaster Clipper is not only highly efficient, but also ergonomically designed for comfort during use. Its improved fan and blade system ensure that the device runs cooler, reducing the risk of overheating.

The clipper comes with additional comb and cutter options to accommodate different shearing needs, as well as a durable, well-organized grooming case to keep your tools and accessories protected and ready for use.

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