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Wahl 3166-100 Comb Set for Peanut Trimmer
ITEM: WH-3166-100
In Stock
Designed specifically for Wahl clippers and trimmers, this set of 4 combs - 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" - offers an array of cutting lengths to achieve your desired look with ease.<br><br>Unleash your cre...
Wahl 97791 5 Star Barber Cape
ITEM: WH-97791
In Stock
Designed to provide a luxurious experience for both stylist and client, this cape boasts impressive features that elevate it above the competition. The snap closure ensures a secure and adjustable fit...
Wahl 3792 Trimmer Guide Combs fits T Wide Blade 5 Star Detailer, Cordless Detailer, Detailer Li and Retro T-Cut
ITEM: WH-3792
In Stock
These high-quality trimmer guides are perfect for professional barbers and stylists who demand top performance and sharp results.<br><br>The set of 3 T Wide Trimmer Guides is crafted to enhance the cu...
Wahl #8 Clipper Guide Comb, 1
In Stock
Unleash your inner stylist and create flawless looks with this versatile 1" Wahl guide comb, designed to fit all Wahl full size clippers with ease.<br><br>No more guessing, no more uneven cuts. Wahl #...
Wahl 3354-1300 Professional 1/8" Premium Cutting Guide with Metal Clip
ITEM: WH-3354-1300
In Stock
A tool crafted for professionals, this cutting guide ensures maximum performance and delivers a level of quality that only Wahl can provide.<br><br>The Wahl Professional Premium Cutting Guide with Met...
Wahl Hair Clipper Oil, .33 Fl Oz
ITEM: WH-3320
In Stock
Discover the magic of a smooth, efficient haircut with the Wahl Hair Clipper Oil, .33 Fl Oz - an essential addition to your grooming toolkit. This high-quality clipper oil is specifically designed to...
Wahl 3156 Trimmer Guide Comb
ITEM: WH-3156
In Stock
Achieve professional-grade, precise haircuts and trimmings with ease as this exceptional guide comb offers you superior control and versatility.<br><br>Our Wahl trimmer guide comb is made with high-qu...
Wahl 3171-500 8 Pack Premium Clipper Cutting Guide Combs with Tray
ITEM: WH-3171-500
In Stock
As part of Wahl Professionals line of products, these Premium Black Cutting Guides are designed specifically for use with Wahl Professional full-sized clippers (excluding detachable blade clippers), e...
Wahl #5 Clipper Guide Comb, 5/8
In Stock
This exceptional comb fits all Wahl full size clippers, ensuring compatibility with your favorite trimmers.<br><br>The Wahl #5 guide comb not only enhances your grooming routine but also helps achieve...
Wahl #1 Nylon Clipper Guide Comb, 1/8"
In Stock
This top-notch accessory from Wahl Professional's commercial grade line offers the sharp performance that industry experts demand, ensuring exceptional results every time.<br><br>Say goodbye to slippi...
Wahl #2 Nylon Clipper Guide Comb, 1/4"
In Stock
As part of Wahl Professional's commercial grade line of products, this guide comb attachment is specially crafted for professional use, ensuring top-notch performance that will impress even the most d...
Wahl #12 Clipper Guide Comb, 1&1/2
In Stock
This exceptional comb leaves hair at a precise 1 & 1/2" length, providing a professional and consistent result every time. Designed to fit all Wahl full size clippers, this versatile and durable guide...
Wahl Hair Clipper Oil. 4oz Bottle
ITEM: WH-3310
In Stock
This 4oz bottle of premium clipper oil is formulated to extend the life of your Wahl clipper, trimmer, and blades, ensuring they perform at their best for a long time.<br><br>A little goes a long way...
Wahl #6 Clipper Guide Comb, 3/4
In Stock
This versatile guide comb is compatible with all Wahl full size clippers, making it an ideal addition to your grooming collection. The Wahl 3/4 guide comb ensures precise and even trimming, giving you...
Wahl #7 Clipper Guide Comb, 7/8
In Stock
This exceptional guide comb is compatible with all Wahl full-size clippers, making it a versatile addition to your grooming toolkit.<br><br>Whether you're a professional barber or simply looking to el...
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