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Popcorn Makers

A popcorn maker (also called popcorn machine) is a device used to pop popcorn. Different types of popcorn makers work in different ways; some models use hot air, which avoids the use of oil at the cost of flavor, and is therefore a healthier option. Depending on personal preference, a popcorn maker that uses oil can be used as well. Goodman's carries different types of popcorn makers to fit your needs.
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Presto 09964 Replacement Powercup Concentrators (8-pack)
ITEM: PR-09964
In Stock
As low as $1.70
These PowerCup Concentrators are designed to work seamlessly with Orville Redenbacher's air popcorn machines and other popular pop corn poppers, ensuring that every kernel gets the perfect amount of h...
This department contains popcorn makers by Presto as well as popcorn seasonings. At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices, and good service!
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