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Irons & Ironing Boards

Ironing or smoothing is the work of using a heated tool to remove wrinkles from washed clothes. The common tools for this purpose are called "irons". Goodman's carries a line of steam irons and clothing irons by Black and Decker, Oliso, Euro Pro and more!
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Rowenta CS-00098632/CS-00098730 Boiler Cap Gasket for Steam Iron DG5030
ITEM: RO-CS98730
In Stock
Rowenta CS-00098730 Boiler Cap Gasket for Steam Iron DG5030. The Rowenta CS-00098730 boiler cap gasket helps to prevent steam from leaking out of the boiler. By keeping a new Rowenta gasket on the cap...
This department contains steam irons including Euro Pro Ootoo, Oliso auto-lift irons, Black and Decker steam irons, and more. At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices, and good service!
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