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Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit for Clean & Steam
ITEM: RO-ZR005801
In Stock
Designed to enhance your cleaning experience, this kit comprises high-quality Rowenta steamer parts that ensure your appliance continues to work at its best, providing you with spotless surfaces and a...
Rowenta CS-00098632/CS-00098730 Boiler Cap Gasket for Steam Iron DG5030
ITEM: RO-CS98730
In Stock
Designed to prevent steam leakage from the boiler, this essential accessory ensures optimal steam generation for a smooth and wrinkle-free finish on all your garments.<br><br>The Rowenta CS-00098730 b...
Rowenta CS-00098729 Boiler Cap for Steam Iron DG5030
ITEM: RO-CS98729
In Stock
This high-quality cap and gasket ensure that your steam iron remains in optimal condition, performing at its best when you need it the most.<br><br>The Rowenta CS-00098729 Boiler Cap is designed to be...
Rowenta ZR903901 foam filter for vacuums models TY846 RH855 RH885 RH887
ITEM: RO-ZR903901
In Stock
This high-quality foam filter ensures that your vacuum operates at its peak efficiency, capturing even the tiniest particles of dust, dirt, and allergens to provide a healthier living environment for...
Rowenta CS00124541 Steampod Comb fit Rowenta Stempod and Steampod Pro
ITEM: RO-CS00124541
In Stock
Rowenta CS00124541 Steampod Comb fit Rowenta Stempod and Steampod Pro. Separates hair. Use of the removable comb is recommended to obtain better distribution of the hair on the plate and perfect smoot...
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