• Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit for Clean & Steam
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Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit for Clean & Steam

by Rowenta Item #: RO-ZR005801
Upgrade and Maintain Your Rowenta Clean & Steam with a Replacement Kit
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Designed to enhance your cleaning experience, this kit comprises high-quality Rowenta steamer parts that ensure your appliance continues to work at its best, providing you with spotless surfaces and a pristine home.

The replacement foam roller included in this kit effortlessly picks up dirt and debris from various floor types, making your cleaning tasks more efficient and effective. Its durable construction guarantees a long-lasting performance, ensuring your Rowenta Clean & Steam appliance remains an essential part of your cleaning routine.

Experience a superior clean with the two included microfiber pads. These highly absorbent pads are designed to trap and retain even the smallest particles, leaving your floors sparkling and free from dust. The reusable and washable design of these pads not only offers you an eco-friendly cleaning solution but also saves you money in the long run.

Protect your Rowenta Clean & Steam appliance from the harmful effects of limescale with the anti-limescale cartridge. This essential component extends the life of your appliance, maintaining its efficiency and performance, giving you peace of mind as you clean.

Invest in the Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit for Clean & Steam and unlock the full potential of your cleaning appliance. With high-quality, genuine Rowenta steamer parts, you can rest assured that your home will be cleaner and fresher than ever before. Don't settle for less - choose Rowenta and experience the difference.
  • Comprehensive replacement kit
  • Foam roller for effective dirt removal
  • 2 microfiber pads for quick-drying action
  • Anti-limescale cartridge to protect your appliance
  • Effortless upgrade and maintenance
  • Improves cleaning efficiency
  • Extends durability of your Clean & Steam
  • Essential for regular steaming routines
  • Ideal for all types of flooring
  • A must-have for every Rowenta Clean & Steam owner

Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit for Clean & Steam Q&A

Will this replacement kit fit my Rowenta Clean & Steam?
Yes, the Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit is designed for use with Clean & Steam models.
How often should I replace the parts in my Clean & Steam?
The replacement frequency depends on your usage, but it is recommended to routinely check and replace parts as needed for optimal performance.
How does the anti-limescale cartridge work?
The anti-limescale cartridge helps prevent the buildup of harmful deposits in your Clean & Steam, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.
Are the microfiber pads machine washable?
Yes, the microfiber pads included in the kit are machine washable for easy cleaning and reusability.
Can the foam roller be cleaned?
The foam roller can be rinsed and air-dried for regular maintenance, but it should be replaced when worn out or damaged.
Is the Rowenta ZR005801 Kit compatible with other brands of steam cleaners?
This kit is specifically designed for use with Rowenta Clean & Steam models and may not be compatible with other brands.
Do the new parts improve the steam output of my Clean & Steam?
Regular replacement of parts can ensure optimal steam output and cleaning efficiency of your Rowenta Clean & Steam.
Is the kit easy to install?
Yes, the Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions for installing the new parts.
Can I use this kit on multiple floors in my home?
Absolutely! The Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit is versatile and suitable for use on various flooring types, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution.
How do the microfiber pads contribute to a better cleaning experience?
The high-quality microfiber pads in the kit provide effective dirt removal and quick-drying action, resulting in a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit: Upgrade Your Clean & Steam Experience

Upgrade and maintain your Rowenta Clean & Steam effortlessly with the ZR005801 Replacement Kit. This comprehensive set comes with essential parts and accessories needed for efficient and continuous usage, ensuring optimal cleanliness.

Enhance your home cleaning experience with the ZR005801 Replacement Kit for your Rowenta Clean & Steam. It includes a foam roller for effective dirt removal, high-quality microfiber pads for quick-drying action, and an anti-limescale cartridge to protect your appliance from harmful deposits.

Invest in the Rowenta ZR005801 Replacement Kit to keep your Clean & Steam operating at peak performance. It ensures extended durability and improved cleaning efficiency, making it an indispensable addition to your home cleaning routine.

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