• Fitz All 246 Replacement Percolator Top 1 1/2" to 2 1/2"
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Fitz All 246 Replacement Percolator Top 1 1/2" to 2 1/2"

by Fitz All Item #: FZ-246
Upgrade Your Percolator with the Ultimate Fitz All 246 Top
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Say goodbye to the frustrations of loose or ill-fitting percolator tops, as the Fitz All 246 features a patented locking ring in non-corroding aluminum that ensures a tight, secure fit on percolators ranging from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2".

Not only does this versatile percolator top fit most major brands such as Arvin, Bersted, Corning, Cory Dominion Dormeyer, Ekco, Enterprise, Lasko, Presto, Pyrex, Revere, Robeson, Sunbeam, Universal, and U.S. Stamping, but it also seamlessly adapts to enameled percolators and most old style percolators.

Crafted from clear, heat-resistant glass, the Fitz All 246 percolator top allows you to easily monitor the brewing process and achieve the perfect cup of coffee every time. Durable and built to last, this large percolator top is an excellent investment for those who value both quality and functionality in their kitchen appliances.

Upgrade your percolator today with the Fitz All 246 Replacement Percolator Top and experience the difference that a secure, well-fitting top can make in your daily brewing routine. With its unique selling points and numerous benefits, this percolator top is the perfect addition to any coffee lover's collection. So go ahead, make the switch and elevate your coffee brewing experience today.
  • Clear, heat-resistant glass top
  • Patented non-corroding aluminum locking ring
  • Fits percolator openings from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches
  • Compatible with most electric and non-electric percolators
  • Secure fit, preventing risk of falling out
  • Ideal for a variety of popular percolator brands
  • Upgrade your percolator's look and functionality
  • Durable and built to last
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for coffee enthusiasts

Fitz All 246 Replacement Percolator Top 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" Q&A

Can the Fitz All 246 be used with enameled percolators?
Yes, the Fitz All 246 is suitable for use with enameled percolators.
Is the glass top heat-resistant?
Yes, the clear glass top is heat-resistant.
Will this top fit my specific percolator brand?
The Fitz All 246 fits most percolators with a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch opening, from brands like Arvin, Corning, Presto, and more.
Is the Fitz All 246 suitable for both electric and non-electric percolators?
Yes, the Fitz All 246 is compatible with both electric and non-electric percolators.
Does it come with a locking ring?
Yes, the Fitz All 246 comes with a patented non-corroding aluminum locking ring.
How do I install the Fitz All 246 top?
The Fitz All 246 top can be easily installed by inserting the top's pegs into the percolator's holes and twisting to lock it in place.
Does the top fit securely?
Yes, the Fitz All 246 top fits tight and secure, preventing it from falling out.
Can the top withstand daily use?
Yes, the Fitz All 246 top is built for durability and longevity, perfect for daily use.
Is the Fitz All 246 an upgrade for my percolator?
Yes, the Fitz All 246 top is designed to enhance the look and functionality of your percolator.
Does the top require any maintenance?
No, the Fitz All 246 requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean.

Fitz All 246 Large Replacement Percolator Top - Compatible with Most Percolators

Introducing the Fitz All 246 large replacement percolator top, designed to provide a perfect fit and a much-needed upgrade for your electric or non-electric percolator. With this high-quality clear glass top, you can enjoy a secure and heat-resistant solution as it comes with a patented locking ring made from non-corroding aluminum.

Compatible with most popular percolator brands, the Fitz All 246 top is designed to fit snugly, preventing any risk of falling out. Suitable for percolator openings measuring 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/2 inches, it allows versatility, making it a must-have accessory for every coffee lover.

Upgrade your coffee maker with the Fitz All 246 top and experience the difference. Not only will the clear glass perk top enhance the look of your percolator, but it also ensures durability and longevity, making it an excellent investment for years of great-tasting coffee.

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