• Jiffy Steamer 1441 J-4000W Pro-line Commercial Wig Steamer
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Jiffy Steamer 1441 J-4000W Pro-line Commercial Wig Steamer

by Jiffy Steamer Item #: JF-J4000W
Transform Your Wig Maintenance Routine with Our Heavy-Duty Steamer
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This heavy-duty steamer is not only perfect for professional use, but also for maintaining the quality and longevity of your personal collection of wigs and hairpieces.

The Jiffy J-4000W is equipped with a 1-gallon self-contained water tank that offers both preheat and steam settings, ensuring your wigs receive the proper care they deserve. The 5-foot hose provides flexibility and ease of use, while the curved metal pipe head and wooden handle ensure precise steaming for all hair types.

Never worry about water levels or sediment build-up again, as the Jiffy J-4000W features a convenient sight gauge on the side of the steamer. This allows you to monitor water levels and sediment accumulation at a glance. With a quick heat-up time of 15 minutes to reach preheat temperature and steam production within 2 minutes thereafter, you can efficiently care for your wigs without any hassle.

Proudly made in the USA, the Jiffy J-4000W Pro-line Commercial Wig Steamer demonstrates a commitment to quality and durability, backed by a Jiffy Steamer 3-year Limited Product Warranty.

Choose the Jiffy J-4000W Pro-line Commercial Wig Steamer for powerful, efficient, and reliable wig care. And remember, we stock and ship our products, providing you with the convenience and peace of mind that many competitors do not offer. Invest in the best for your wigs and hairpieces – choose the Jiffy J-4000W Pro-line Commercial Wig Steamer today.
  • Heavy-duty 1500-watt steaming power
  • 1-gallon self-contained water tank
  • Curved metal pipe head and wooden handle
  • Quick 15-minute preheat time
  • Produces steam within 2 minutes
  • Sight gauge for water level and sediment
  • Made in the USA
  • Jiffy Steamer 3-year limited warranty
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Ideal for professional wig maintenance

Jiffy Steamer 1441 J-4000W Pro-line Commercial Wig Steamer Q&A

Does the steamer heat up quickly?
Yes, it reaches preheat temperature in 15 minutes and produces steam within 2 minutes.
Is the J-4000W Pro-line made in the USA?
Yes, it's manufactured in the USA.
What is the warranty on this wig steamer?
It includes a 3-year limited product warranty from Jiffy Steamer.
Does it have a water level indicator?
Yes, it features a sight gauge to view water level and sediment build-up.
Is this steamer suitable for professional use?
Yes, it's a commercial-grade, heavy-duty steamer ideal for professional use.
What is the wattage of the J-4000W Pro-line?
It has a powerful 1500-watt system.
Does it have a wooden handle?
Yes, the steamer comes with a comfortable wooden handle.
Is the Jiffy Steam 1441 always in stock?
Yes, we keep it in stock and are ready to ship to customers.
What is the water tank capacity?
It has a 1-gallon self-contained water tank.
How long is the hose on the steamer?
The steamer comes with a 5-foot hose for easy maneuverability.

J-4000W Pro-Line Commercial Wig Steamer: Quick & Efficient Hairpiece Maintenance

Introducing the Jiffy J-4000W Pro-line commercial wig steamer, an exceptional device that will revolutionize your wig care regimen. This heavy-duty device is designed with a powerful 1500-watt system, ensuring efficient and professional-grade wig maintenance.

The J-4000W Pro-line features a 1-gallon self-contained water tank with preheat and steam settings, allowing users to achieve optimal care for their hairpieces. The curved, metal pipe head and wooden handle provide precise control and ease of use, ensuring perfect steaming results every time.

One of the standout attributes of this impressive wig steamer is its quick heat-up time. In just 15 minutes, the device reaches preheat temperature, and in 2 minutes, it's ready to produce steam. Don't waste another moment on subpar wig maintenance, choose the J-4000W Pro-line commercial wig steamer.

Made in the USA, Jiffy Steamer products are known for their reliability and high-quality construction. The J-4000W Pro-line wig steamer is no exception, as it's backed by a Jiffy Steamer 3-year limited product warranty.

We understand how important it is to have your wig steaming tools available and ready to go. That's why we're proud to keep Jiffy J-4000W Pro-line commercial wig steamers in stock and ship them directly to our customers, so you can enjoy professional wig care in no time.

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