• KitchenAid Mixer 9709231/9703699/9706590/9706770/9703446 Gear
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KitchenAid Mixer 9709231/9703699/9706590/9706770/9703446 Gear

by Kitchenaid Item #: KA-9709231
Ensure Smooth Mixing with the New Generation Gear
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Designed to fit new generation KitchenAid mixers like KP2671, KP26M1X, KV25G0X, and variations of these models, this gear is a must-have addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Featuring 60 teeth and possibly stamped with part number 9709557, this gear ensures maximum power transfer and efficient mixing performance. You'll experience the joy of effortlessly blending even the toughest of ingredients, leaving you with smooth and consistent results every time.

The KitchenAid 9709231 Mixer Gear provides unbeatable durability, engineered to withstand the test of time. You can confidently rely on this gear to support you through countless baking sessions and culinary adventures.

Upgrade your KitchenAid mixer and elevate your cooking game with the KitchenAid 9709231 Mixer Gear. With its unparalleled performance and lasting quality, this gear is a true testament to KitchenAid's commitment to ensuring the best for their customers. Don't settle for anything less than perfection – make the smart choice and invest in the KitchenAid 9709231 Mixer Gear today.
  • Fits new generation models: KP2671, KP26M1X, KV25G0X
  • 60 teeth for smooth and efficient mixing
  • May have part number 9709557 stamped on it
  • Compatible with multiple mixer models and variations
  • Built with premium materials
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Perfect for enhancing mixer performance
  • Designed for longevity
  • Ideal for ensuring optimal mixing
  • Upgrades your mixer to the latest standards

KitchenAid Mixer 9709231/9703699/9706590/9706770/9703446 Gear Q&A

Does the gear fit in all KitchenAid mixer models?
The gear is compatible with KP2671, KP26M1X, KV25G0X models and variations.
How many teeth does the 9709231 gear have?
The 9709231 gear has 60 teeth for smooth mixing.
Is the gear easy to install?
Yes, the 9709231 gear is easy to install and replace.
Is the gear durable?
Yes, the gear is made with premium materials for longevity.
Will the gear improve my mixer's performance?
Yes, the 9709231 gear will enhance your mixer's performance and efficiency.
Will the gear fit in older mixer models?
The gear is designed for new generation models but may fit some older models.
Does the gear have a part number?
The gear may have part number 9709557 stamped on it.
Is the gear compatible with multiple mixer variations?
Yes, the 9709231 gear is compatible with various mixer variations.
Can I use the gear for commercial purposes?
Yes, the gear is suitable for both personal and commercial use.
Does the gear make mixing challenging recipes easier?
Yes, the smooth 60 teeth design of the gear ensures precise mixing for challenging recipes.

Enhance Your KitchenAid Mixer with the 9709231 Gear for Optimal Mixing

Upgrade your cherished KitchenAid mixer with the 9709231 gear for a powerful and efficient mixing experience. Designed to fit seamlessly with new generation models KP2671, KP26M1X, and KV25G0X, this gear will enhance your mixer's performance and ensure its longevity.

Bring your mixer into the modern age with the 60 teeth 9709231 gear. This durable component is engineered to provide smoother and more precise mixing, even when handling challenging recipes. By upgrading your gear, you'll unleash your KitchenAid mixer's full potential.

A reliable gear is essential for any mixer – that's why the 9709231 gear is built to last. Its compatibility with multiple models and variations ensures a perfect fit for your appliance, and its premium materials guarantee a lifetime of optimal performance. Don't let worn-out gears hold you back – upgrade to the 9709231 gear today.

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