• KitchenAid KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater
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KitchenAid KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater

by Kitchenaid Item #: KA-KN256BT
Achieve Perfectly Mixed Batters and Doughs in No Time
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This coated flat beater is specifically designed for speedy and comprehensive mashing of potatoes, blending cake batter, and mixing cookie dough, among other essential tasks.

Experience the benefits of this fantastic tool, as it saves you time and effort in the kitchen, allowing you to create mouth-watering dishes with ease. Its top-rack dishwasher safe design ensures hassle-free cleaning, allowing you to focus on the joys of cooking and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Compatible with models KV25G and KP26M1X, the KitchenAid KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater is the ultimate kitchen companion, offering unparalleled performance and convenience. Treat yourself to this extraordinary tool, and watch as your culinary creations reach new heights of deliciousness and perfection.
  • Fits KitchenAid models KV25G and KP26M1X
  • Sturdy, coated design perfect for various recipes
  • Achieve perfectly mixed cake batters, cookie dough, and more
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for mashing potatoes quickly and efficiently

KitchenAid KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater Q&A

Is the KN256CBT Flat Beater compatible with all KitchenAid mixers?
No, it is specifically designed for KV25G and KP26M1X models.
Can I use this Flat Beater to mix heavy dough?
Yes, it's ideal for mixing various types of dough, including heavier ones.
Is the beater sturdy enough for daily use?
Absolutely, the beater is designed to be durable and withstand regular use.
Do I need to hand wash this mixer attachment?
No, the flat beater is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
What types of recipes can I make using the KN256CBT Flat Beater?
It's perfect for mixing cake batter, cookie dough, mashing potatoes, and more.
Does the coated flat beater prevent scratching?
Yes, the coating helps prevent scratching of your mixer bowl.
Is this beater an authentic KitchenAid accessory?
Yes, the KN256CBT Flat Beater is a genuine KitchenAid product.
How can the KN256CBT Flat Beater improve my cooking experience?
It provides fast and thorough mixing, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.
Can I use the flat beater to mix wet and dry ingredients?
Yes, it's perfect for combining both wet and dry ingredients.
How does the flat beater help achieve better consistency?
It mixes ingredients evenly and quickly, ensuring a smooth and homogeneous output.

KitchenAid KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater: Versatile Mixing for Various Recipes

Upgrade your KitchenAid mixer with the versatile KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater, designed to fit KV25G and KP26M1X models. This coated flat beater is perfect for mashing potatoes, mixing cake batter, cookie dough, and many other recipes easily and thoroughly.

Make your cooking and baking tasks simpler with the KitchenAid KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater. The sturdy construction and top-rack dishwasher-safe design make it a reliable and easy-to-clean addition to your kitchen appliance arsenal.

Say goodbye to manually hand-mixing doughs and batters with the KitchenAid KN256CBT Mixer Flat Beater. Improve the consistency of your recipes with effortless mixing, giving you more time to enjoy creating your delicious culinary masterpieces.

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