• Oster 76913-506 (913-50) Blade
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Oster 76913-506 (913-50) Blade

by Oster Item #: OS-913-50
Unlock the Power of Precision with Oster 76913-506 Blade
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This high-quality, adjustable blade is a game-changer for those who desire a precise, customizable haircut. The blade's 17 tooth design and size range of 000-1 adjustable 1/50" - 3/32"/0.5mm - 2.4mm provide unmatched versatility, allowing you to achieve a variety of styles with ease.

Designed to fit the popular Model 23 Fast Feed Clippers, the Oster 76913-506 (913-50) Blade ensures a seamless and effortless cut, whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast. Say goodbye to uneven trims and hello to a consistently smooth, polished look that will leave you feeling confident and refreshed.

With Oster's consistently reliable and durable products, you can trust the 76913-506 (913-50) Blade to withstand the test of time. This powerful accessory is the perfect addition to your grooming kit, providing you with the ability to create professional-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for hair clippers, Oster clippers, and electric clippers, this blade is a must-have for men seeking an exceptional grooming experience.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your hair care routine. Invest in the Oster 76913-506 (913-50) Blade and experience the difference a high-quality, adjustable blade can make. You'll enjoy the benefits of expertly crafted haircuts and trims, resulting in a polished, refined appearance that will leave you feeling confident and ready to tackle the day. Embrace the power of the Oster 76913-506 (913-50) Blade and elevate your grooming game today.
  • Versatile sizing: 000-1, 1/50" - 3/32", 0.5mm - 2.4mm
  • 17-tooth blade for outstanding precision
  • Compatible with model 23 Fast Feed clippers
  • Ideal for a variety of grooming needs
  • Enhanced smoothness and uniformity of haircuts
  • Premium performance and durability
  • Oster brand quality assurance

Oster 76913-506 (913-50) Blade Q&A

What size range does the Oster 76913-506 Blade cover?
The blade is adjustable and covers size 000-1, ranging from 1/50" to 3/32" or 0.5mm to 2.4mm.
How many teeth does this blade have?
The Oster 76913-506 Blade has 17 teeth for maximum precision.
Which clipper model is this blade designed for?
This blade is designed to fit model 23 Fast Feed clippers.
Can I use this blade for different grooming purposes?
Yes, the adjustable size of this blade makes it versatile for various grooming needs.
Does the blade provide even and smooth cuts?
Yes, the Oster 76913-506 Blade is designed to deliver smooth and even haircuts.
What is the quality assurance from the Oster brand?
The Oster brand is renowned for its premium performance and durability in grooming products.
Are the blade's size measurements available in both inches and millimeters?
Yes, the sizes are available in both inches (1/50" - 3/32") and millimeters (0.5mm - 2.4mm).
Is this blade suitable for various hair types and styles?
Yes, this blade is designed to accommodate a wide range of hair styles and types.
Can I expect consistent performance from this blade?
Absolutely, the Oster 76913-506 Blade offers reliable and consistent performance for your grooming needs.
What is the prime feature of the Oster 76913-506 Blade?
The prime feature of this blade is its adjustable sizing and precision, ensuring versatile use for different grooming needs.

Oster 76913-506 Adjustable Blade for Smooth Haircuts and Grooming

Enhance your hair trimming experience with the Oster 76913-506 Blade, designed meticulously to deliver precise and even haircuts. Compatible with model 23 Fast Feed clippers, this adjustable blade is perfect for a wide range of grooming needs.

Experience the perfect combination of precision and functionality with the 17-tooth Oster 76913-506 Blade. Its adjustable size 000-1, ranging from 1/50" to 3/32" or 0.5mm to 2.4mm, ensures versatile use for all your grooming requirements.

Trust the Oster brand for consistent performance with the 76913-506 Blade that delivers smooth and even cuts. Elevate your grooming game with unmatched precision and durability, tailored to suit a variety of hair styles and types.

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