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  • Univen OS-97740 Beaters To Fit Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixers
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Univen OS-97740 Beaters To Fit Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixers

by Univen Item #: OS-97740
Revamp Your Mixer with Univen OS-97740 Beaters
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Specifically engineered for a wide range of models, these beaters offer seamless compatibility with Sunbeam Heritage mixers, ensuring optimal performance and consistent results.

Crafted for durability, the Univen 97740 beaters provide a reliable and efficient solution for all your mixing needs. Say goodbye to uneven batter and say hello to smooth, perfectly mixed ingredients every time. Your Sunbeam mixer will feel like new again with these high-quality replacement beaters.

Not only do these beaters ensure the perfect blend, but they also simplify your baking process by fitting effortlessly with Sunbeam Mixmaster bowls. With a precise fit, you can trust that your ingredients will be combined to perfection, elevating your culinary creations to new heights.

Investing in the Univen OS-97740 beaters is an investment in your baking future. By choosing these Sunbeam Mixmaster parts, you're ensuring that your mixer continues to deliver the exceptional performance you've come to expect. Bring life back to your Sunbeam Mixmaster with replacement beaters that promise to stand the test of time.

So, don't settle for subpar mixing – trust in the unrivaled quality of the Univen OS-97740 beaters to fit Sunbeam Mixmaster mixers. Make every bake better than the last with these top-notch Sunbeam Mixmasters accessories. Happy baking.
  • Perfect fit for Sunbeam Mixmaster mixers
  • Compatible with multiple models
  • Quality replacement part by Univen
  • Improved mixing performance
  • Durable and reliable
  • 8.75 inches in length
  • 2.5 inches wide

Univen OS-97740 Beaters To Fit Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixers Q&A

What size are the Univen OS-97740 beaters?
They measure 8.75 inches in length and 2.5 inches wide.
Are these beaters compatible with all Sunbeam Mixmaster models?
They are compatible with many models, including 1250, 1260, 1261, 1336, 1380, 1396, and more.
Who manufactures these beaters?
Univen manufactures the OS-97740 beaters.
What improvements can I expect with these beaters?
You can expect improved mixing performance and extended durability.
How many models are compatible with these beaters?
Over 20 different Sunbeam Mixmaster models are compatible with these beaters.
Will these beaters wear out quickly?
Univen OS-97740 beaters are known for their durability and reliability.
Do they come in any other sizes?
These beaters only come in one size, measuring 8.75 inches in length and 2.5 inches wide.
Can these beaters fit other mixer brands?
These beaters are specifically designed for Sunbeam Mixmaster mixers.
Do they improve the overall performance of my mixer?
Yes, these beaters improve the overall mixing performance of your Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer.
What is the primary advantage of using Univen's beaters?
Univen's beaters offer a perfect fit, improved mixing performance, and extended durability for Sunbeam Mixmaster mixers.

Univen OS-97740 Beaters - The Perfect Upgrade for Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixers

Upgrade your Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer with the Univen OS-97740 beaters designed for a perfect fit. These quality replacement parts ensure improved mixing performance and extended durability for a variety of models, including 1250, 1260, 1261, 1336, 1380, 1396, and many more.

The Univen OS-97740 beaters measure 8.75 inches in length and 2.5 inches at their widest point, providing optimal mixing capabilities. Manufactured by the trusted Univen brand, these beaters are a reliable investment for your Mixmaster mixer.

Don't let worn-out beaters hold back your Sunbeam Mixmaster's potential. Replace old or damaged beaters with Univen OS-97740 beaters, specifically designed for compatibility with numerous Mixmaster models.

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