• Krups 054 Descaling Powder, 2 Packets
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Krups 054 descaling powder, 2 packets. Krups AntiCalc kit for espresso machines. This descaler is designed for use with all Krups coffee machines. The box contains two 40g packets which are suitable for two descaling operations, and one test strip to check water hardness. Unless regularly descaled, limescale will accumulate in your machine and can eventually result in damage that cannot be reversed without the replacement of costly parts. Regular descaling will help maintain top performance from your machine and result in better tasting coffee! This descaler is suitable for all machines with aluminium boilers or thermoblocks including models 889, 890, 920, 922, 927, FNC2, FNC3, FND1, FNF2, FNP1, KM4065, XP1500, XP1530, XP2010, XP2070, XP4000, XP4030, XP4050, XP5000, XP5080

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