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  • Replacement 118513-000-000 Glass Jar fits Oster Fusion Blenders
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Replacement 118513-000-000 Glass Jar fits Oster Fusion Blenders

by Univen Item #: OS-118513-000-000
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Replacement 6 cup, round glass Fusion blender jar. Fits Oster and Osterizer Fusion blender models BVB07-L00-000, BRLY07-B00-000, BRLY07-BF0-000,BRLY07-W00-000, BRLY07-Z00-000, etc.
  • Replacement 6 cup, round glass jar for Oster Fusion blenders
  • Durable glass construction for long-lasting use
  • Generous capacity to handle a variety of blending tasks
  • Sleek, round design complements the Fusion blender's style
  • Secure lid ensures contents are contained during blending

Replacement 118513-000-000 Glass Jar fits Oster Fusion Blenders Q&A

What makes this replacement jar a great choice for Oster Fusion blenders?
This replacement glass jar is designed specifically for Oster Fusion blenders, providing a durable, high-quality solution. Its 6-cup capacity, sleek round design, and secure lid make it an essential accessory to elevate your blending experience.
Can I use this jar for other types of blenders besides the Oster Fusion?
No, this replacement jar is designed to fit Oster Fusion blender models only. It may not be compatible with other blender brands or models, so it's important to ensure it matches your specific Oster Fusion blender.
How durable is the glass construction of this replacement jar?
The glass used in this replacement jar is highly durable and designed to withstand the rigors of regular blending. With proper care and handling, this jar can provide long-lasting performance and reliable use in your Oster Fusion blender.
What kind of recipes can I make with this 6-cup capacity replacement jar?
The generous 6-cup capacity of this replacement jar allows you to blend a wide variety of recipes, from smooth smoothies and creamy soups to thick nut butters and batters for baking. Its versatility enables you to unleash your culinary creativity with your Oster Fusion blender.
How do I ensure the replacement jar is properly secured to my Oster Fusion blender?
Carefully align the jar with the blender base and twist it gently until it locks into place. The secure lid should also be firmly attached to prevent any spillage during blending. Always refer to your Oster Fusion blender's user manual for specific instructions on attaching the jar.
This high-quality replacement glass jar is an essential accessory for your Oster Fusion blender. Crafted with durable glass, it provides a generous 6-cup capacity to handle all your blending needs, from smoothies and soups to nut butters and batters. The jar's sleek, round design complements the style of your Fusion blender, seamlessly integrating into your kitchen. With its sturdy construction and secure lid, you can blend with confidence, knowing your ingredients will be contained. Whether you're replacing a broken jar or simply seeking a spare, this Univen replacement part ensures your Oster Fusion blender continues to perform at its best, enabling you to create delicious, versatile recipes with ease.

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