• Replacement 118513-000-000 Glass Jar fits Oster Fusion Blenders
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Replacement 118513-000-000 Glass Jar fits Oster Fusion Blenders

by Univen Item #: OS-118513-000-000
Enhance Blender Performance with a New Glass Jar
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This 6 cup, round glass Fusion blender jar is compatible with a variety of Oster and Osterizer Fusion blender models, including BVB07-L00-000, BRLY07-B00-000, BRLY07-BF0-000, BRLY07-W00-000, BRLY07-Z00-000, and many more.

No need to worry about finding the right match for your Oster blender as this versatile oster glass blender jar caters to a wide range of blenders oster, making it an ideal oster blender part to have on hand. The durable glass construction not only ensures long-lasting quality but also enhances the blending performance of your oster blenders.

The fisuin jar's 6-cup capacity allows you to blend, mix, and create large batches of your favorite smoothies, dips, and sauces with ease. Whether you're looking for a replacement osterizer blender jar or simply want to upgrade your current oyster blender jar, this oster fusion jar is the perfect choice.

With the cuchilla oster and other essential parts for oster blender easily available, maintaining your blender's performance has never been easier. So go ahead and invest in this outstanding oster blender parts that will elevate your blending experience to new heights, making every recipe a delightful culinary adventure.
  • 118513-000-000 replacement glass jar
  • 6-cup capacity for versatile blending
  • Compatible with various Oster Fusion blender models
  • Round jar fits Oster and Osterizer models
  • Designed for increased blending efficiency
  • Durable glass construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for smoothies, sauces, and more
  • Extends the life of your blender
  • Upgrade for improved performance

Replacement 118513-000-000 Glass Jar fits Oster Fusion Blenders Q&A

How will a replacement glass jar improve my blender's performance?
A new, well-fitting jar will enhance sealing and improve blending efficiency, providing a more consistent mix.
Which Oster Fusion blender models is this glass jar compatible with?
Compatible models include BVB07-L00-000, BRLY07-B00-000, BRLY07-BF0-000, BRLY07-W00-000, and BRLY07-Z00-000.
Is this replacement jar made of glass or plastic?
The 118513-000-000 replacement jar is made of durable glass.
What is the capacity of this replacement glass jar?
This jar has a 6-cup capacity, making it versatile for various blending tasks.
Can I use this replacement jar for both Oster and Osterizer Fusion blender models?
Yes, this round glass jar is designed to fit both Oster and Osterizer Fusion blender models.
Does this glass jar come with a lid?
The jar does not include a lid.
Is the 118513-000-000 glass jar easy to clean?
Yes, the glass material is easy to clean and maintain.
Can I blend hot liquids in this replacement glass jar?
Yes, this glass jar is suitable for blending both hot and cold ingredients.
Will replacing the jar prolong the life of my Oster Fusion blender?
Yes, investing in a replacement jar can extend the life of your blender while improving performance.
Can I use this glass jar for grinding dry ingredients?
Yes, this jar is suitable for grinding and mixing a wide range of ingredients, including dry ones.

6-cup Replacement Glass Jar for Oster Fusion Blenders - Boost Efficiency

Upgrade your Oster Fusion blender with a compatible 6-cup replacement glass jar to improve your blending experience. Designed for various Fusion blender models such as BVB07-L00-000, BRLY07-B00-000, BRLY07-BF0-000, BRLY07-W00-000, and BRLY07-Z00-000, this jar is ideal for enhancing blending efficiency and providing a more consistent mix.

Say goodbye to old, worn-out blender jars with a 118513-000-000 replacement glass jar. Made of durable glass, this round jar will ensure your Oster and Osterizer Fusion blenders continue to provide optimal performance for your mixing and grinding needs.

Investing in a replacement glass jar for your Oster Fusion blender not only improves blending efficiency but also extends the life of your machine. This 6-cup capacity jar is perfect for making smoothies, sauces, and more with ease.

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