• Bormioli Rocco Fido 3.25" Replacement Jar Gaskets, Bag Of 6
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Bormioli Rocco Fido 3.25" Replacement Jar Gaskets, Bag Of 6

by Bormioli Rocco Item #: BF-890780
Keep Your Food Fresh with New Jar Gaskets
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Breathe new life into your beloved Bormioli Rocco Fido jars with these 3.25" replacement jar gaskets, conveniently available in a bag of 6. Designed to provide a reliable, airtight seal, these gaskets ensure your fruit, vegetables, jams, and sauces remain perfectly preserved for long-lasting enjoyment. To achieve optimal sealing results, simply dip the rubber gaskets in boiling water before placing them onto jar lids.

You'll love the practicality and convenience of having these replacement gaskets on hand, eliminating the need to purchase new jars. With a diameter of 3.25 inches and a height of .12 inches, these gaskets are the perfect fit for your Bormioli Rocco jars, allowing you to continue using your trusted canning jars with ease.

These replacement jar gaskets are an essential addition to your canning supply collection, offering a cost-effective solution for maintaining the freshness and quality of your homemade creations. Compatible with a variety of jars and lids, including quattro stagioni lids, these gaskets ensure that your glass storage containers remain securely sealed and ready to use.

Don't let worn-out seals compromise the quality of your home-canned goods. With these Bormioli Rocco Fido 3.25" replacement jar gaskets, you can keep your jars and lids in perfect working order, ensuring that your delectable delights stay fresh and delicious for as long as possible. Order your bag of 6 replacement gaskets today and experience the satisfaction of knowing your canning jars are always prepared to preserve your favorite flavors.
  • Airtight sealing for food preservation
  • Compatible with Fido jars
  • Easy to install
  • Extend the life of your storage jars
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Ideal for various food items
  • High-quality construction
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Designed for 3.25 diameter jar lids

Bormioli Rocco Fido 3.25" Replacement Jar Gaskets, Bag Of 6 Q&A

Are these gaskets compatible with Fido jars?
Yes, these gaskets are designed for Fido jars.
Do the gaskets come in a pack of 6?
Yes, they come in a bag of 6.
What size jar lids do these gaskets fit?
These gaskets are crafted for 3.25 diameter jar lids.
How can I ensure a secure airtight seal?
Dip the gaskets in boiling water first and then place them onto the jar lids.
Do I need to purchase new jars for these gaskets?
No, these replacement gaskets are designed to extend the life of your existing jars.
What kind of foods can I store with these gaskets?
You can store fruits, vegetables, jams, and sauces.
Are these gaskets easy to install?
Yes, they are very easy to install by following the included instructions.
Does boiling the gaskets before use improve the sealing?
Yes, boiling the gaskets will ensure a secure airtight seal.
What are the dimensions of these gaskets?
The dimensions are 3.25 diameter x 0.12H inches.
Are these gaskets high-quality and durable?
Yes, these gaskets are constructed for durability and longevity.

Upgrade Your Food Storage with 3.25 Replacement Jar Gaskets

Upgrade your food storage with the Bormioli Rocco Fido 3.25 Replacement Jar Gaskets. These high-quality gaskets provide an airtight seal, ensuring your fruits, vegetables, jams, and sauces maintain their freshness and flavors.

No need to buy new jars, the Bormioli Rocco Fido replacement gaskets can be quickly and easily applied on your existing jar lids. This cost-effective solution helps to extend the life and functionality of your storage jars.

Designed for effortless use, simply dip the rubber gaskets in boiling water first and place them onto the jar lids for secure and airtight sealing. Your food will stay perfectly preserved, all thanks to the Bormioli Rocco Fido 3.25 replacement jar gaskets.

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