• IMUSA IMU-71096W Dumpling & Empanada Press
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IMUSA IMU-71096W Dumpling & Empanada Press

by Imusa Item #: IM-71096
Revolutionize Your Kitchen with this 2-in-1 Press
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This convenient 2 pack includes both large and small plastic molds, catering to all your culinary needs and allowing you to effortlessly stuff any type of dough with your choice of delicious fillings.

Whether you prefer savory combinations of shredded meats and cheeses or sweet indulgences of fruits, chocolate, and pie filling, the IMUSA dumpling and empanada press has you covered. Expertly crafted to press and seal the pastry, this handy gadget ensures your creations are both visually appealing and ready for cooking.

The benefits of the IMUSA IMU-71096W Dumpling & Empanada Press go beyond the kitchen, as it encourages you to explore new recipes and experiment with diverse ingredients, resulting in unforgettable dishes that will impress your family and friends.

Don't miss out on the unique selling points of this essential kitchen tool. Made of durable plastic, the IMUSA dumpling and empanada press is designed to withstand regular use, ensuring you can continue to delight your taste buds with mouthwatering creations for years to come.

Transform your cooking experience and elevate your culinary skills with the IMUSA IMU-71096W Dumpling & Empanada Press. Say goodbye to the hassle of preparing dough-based delights and embrace the ease and convenience of this fantastic kitchen must-have.
  • Effortless dumpling and empanada prep
  • Convenient 2 pack with large and small sizes
  • Durable plastic molds
  • Ideal for various savory or sweet fillings
  • Perfectly presses and seals dough
  • A versatile addition to any kitchen

IMUSA IMU-71096W Dumpling & Empanada Press Q&A

What can I use this press for?
Easily make dumplings, empanadas and other stuffed pastries.
What kind of dough can I use with the press?
The press is suitable for any sort of dough.
What fillings can I use with the IMUSA press?
Fill your dough with shredded meats, cheeses, fruits, chocolate, pie filling, and more.
How does the press ensure a good seal?
The press is designed to perfectly press and seal the dough for fool-proof results.
Are there different sizes of the press?
Yes, the pack includes both a large and small press.
What material is the press made of?
It is made of durable plastic.
Can I use store-bought dough with the press?
Absolutely, the press is perfect for store-bought dough as well as homemade dough.
Are the plastic molds reusable?
Yes, the molds are meant for long-lasting, repeated use.
How do I clean the press after use?
Simply hand wash the plastic molds with gentle soap and warm water.
How many presses are included in the pack?
The pack includes 2 presses – one large and one small.

IMUSA 2-Pack Dumpling & Empanada Press: Unlock Culinary Creations

Unlock the full potential of savory and sweet creations in your kitchen with the IMUSA IMU-71096W Dumpling & Empanada Press. This versatile tool enables you to make mouth-watering dumplings and empanadas with ease and precision.

With the two included plastic molds, you can effortlessly stuff any dough with an array of fillings, ranging from shredded meats and cheeses to fruits, chocolate, or even pie filling. The possibilities are endless!

The press not only simplifies the process of prepping your delicious treats, but it also perfectly presses and seals the pastry, making it ready for cooking. Its durable, high-quality construction ensures consistent results every time.

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