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  • Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit
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Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit

by Andis Item #: AD-21936
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Andis 21936 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit. Carbon Brush for Andis AG Clippers. Replacement Andis AG Carbon Brush Set. Includes two springs, brushes and caps.
  • Ensures smooth, consistent clipper operation
  • Prevents wear and tear on the motor for extended lifespan
  • Includes two springs, brushes, and caps for complete replacement
  • Restores your Andis AG or BG clipper to like-new condition
  • Essential accessory for professional groomers and pet owners

Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit Q&A

How often should I replace the carbon brushes in my Andis clipper?
It's recommended to replace the carbon brushes every 6-12 months of regular use, or whenever you notice a decline in the clipper's performance. This will help maintain optimal power and efficiency for your Andis grooming tool.
Can I use this carbon brush kit with any Andis clipper model?
The Andis 21936/21812 Carbon Brush Kit is specifically designed for use with Andis AG and BG clipper models. It may not be compatible with other Andis clipper types, so be sure to double-check your model before purchasing.
How do I properly install the new carbon brushes in my Andis clipper?
Consult your Andis clipper's user manual for detailed instructions on how to correctly replace the carbon brushes. Proper installation is important to ensure the continued smooth operation of your grooming tool.
Will using this carbon brush kit void my Andis clipper's warranty?
No, using the Andis 21936/21812 Carbon Brush Kit will not void your clipper's warranty, as it is a recommended and approved replacement accessory from the manufacturer.
How can I tell if my Andis clipper needs new carbon brushes?
Signs that your Andis clipper needs new carbon brushes include decreased power, increased heat buildup, and unusual noises or vibrations during operation. If you notice any of these issues, it's time to replace the brushes.
The Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit is an essential accessory for maintaining the optimal performance of your Andis AG or BG clipper. These high-quality carbon brushes ensure smooth, consistent operation by preventing wear and tear on the motor, maximizing the lifespan of your trusted Andis grooming tool. Designed for seamless replacement, the kit includes two springs, brushes, and caps, providing everything needed to restore your clipper to like-new condition. Whether you're a professional groomer or a pet owner seeking to extend the life of your Andis clipper, this carbon brush kit is the perfect solution to keep your device running at peak efficiency, ensuring a flawless grooming experience every time.

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