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  • Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit
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Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit

by Andis Item #: AD-21936
Optimize Your Clipper's Performance
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Designed to enhance the performance of your Andis AG Clippers, this carbon brush set is a perfect addition to your grooming arsenal.

The Carbon Brush for Andis AG Clippers ensures the smooth, efficient operation of your clippers, giving you the confidence to create stunning haircuts and styles with ease. This Replacement Andis AG Carbon Brush Set is made of high-quality materials, promising durability and longevity for years of worry-free use.

The kit comes complete with two springs, brushes, and caps, making it an all-in-one solution for your clipper maintenance needs. With the Andis 21936 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit, you'll enjoy the benefits of a clean, well-maintained clipper that provides reliable, consistent results every time.

Don't let worn-out brushes hold you back from achieving your desired grooming outcomes. Upgrade to the Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit and unleash the full potential of your Andis AG Clippers. Experience the difference of a well-maintained tool and the exceptional results it can deliver. Get your Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit today and elevate your grooming game to new heights.
  • Optimizes clipper performance
  • Extends the life of your clippers
  • Versatile for both AG and BG models
  • Easy-to-install replacement parts
  • Comes with springs, brushes, and caps

Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG Carbon Brush Kit Q&A

What models are this carbon brush kit compatible with?
This kit is compatible with Andis AG and BG clippers.
Why do I need to replace my clipper's carbon brushes?
Replacing carbon brushes ensures maximum efficiency and long-lasting performance of your clippers.
What do I get in the Andis 21936/21812 Carbon Brush Kit?
The kit includes two springs, brushes, and caps for a complete replacement.
Is it difficult to install the carbon brush sets?
No, the provided components make it easy to install the replacement parts.
How often should I replace the carbon brushes in my clipper?
There's no strict rule, but it is recommended to replace the brushes periodically depending on usage.
Does this kit work with other brands of clippers?
This kit is specifically designed for Andis AG/BG clippers.
Will the replacement brushes improve my clipper's performance?
Yes, the new carbon brushes will help ensure smooth cuts and better overall results.
Are the springs and caps included in the kit necessary for the replacement?
Yes, the provided springs and caps make it easy to replace the carbon brushes on your clipper.
Can I use this carbon brush set with other Andis clipper models?
This kit is designed specifically for AG and BG model clippers.
How do I know if my clippers need a replacement carbon brush set?
If your clipper's performance has decreased or they seem less efficient, consider replacing the carbon brushes.

Andis Carbon Brush Kit (21936/21812): Boost Your Clipper Performance

Revitalize your Andis AG/BG clippers with the exceptional 21936/21812 carbon brush kit. This kit is designed to optimize your clipper's performance and add longevity to the tool.

The Andis carbon brush kit offers an excellent upgrade for your AG/BG clippers, providing enhanced efficiency, resulting in smoother cuts and better overall results.

Simple yet essential, replacing your clipper's carbon brushes periodically is crucial to maintain its performance. The Andis 21936/21812 AG/BG carbon brush kit provides everything you need for a seamless replacement process.

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