• Waring 024268 Nut Gasket
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Waring 024268 Nut Gasket. Fits Waring blender models: CAC95 Blender, MX1000XT11, MX1050XT11, CAC93, MX1200XT41, MX1000XT41, MX1050XT41, MX1100XT41, MX1300XT41, MX1500XT42, MX1000XT (MX1000XT11), MX1000XTP (MX1000XT21), MX1000XTS (MX1000XT31), NDG1000XT (MX1000XT11), MX1050XT (MX1050XT11), MX1050XTP (MX1050XT21), MX1050XTS (MX1050XT31), MX1100XT11, MX1100XTC, MX1100XT21 MX1100XT31, MX1100XTSEC, MX1200XT11, MX1200XT21, MX1200XT31, MX1300XT11, MX1500XT12, MX1300XTP, MX1500XT22, MX1300XT31, MX1500XTS, MX1500XT22 (MX1500XTPENP), MX1000XTX, MX1000XTXGR, MX1100XTX, SUP1100XTX.

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