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  • Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe, 14-Cup
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Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe, 14-Cup

by Cuisinart Item #: CU-DCC2200RC
Experience the Perfect Pour with a 14-Cup Carafe Replacement
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This high-quality 14 cup glass carafe is designed with a sleek black lid, and a stylish black and brushed chrome handle, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

The Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe is built with your convenience in mind. The easy pour, no-drip spout ensures a mess-free experience, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. The carafe also features brewed coffee markings for two to fourteen cups, allowing you to measure the perfect amount of coffee every time.

Don't let a broken or misplaced carafe stand in the way of enjoying your favorite cup of coffee. With the Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe, you can continue to enjoy the exceptional performance and delicious coffee you've come to expect from your Cuisinart coffeemakers. So go ahead, pour yourself a cup of confidence and start your day off right with the Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe.
  • Compatible with Cuisinart DCC-2200 & DCC-2600 series
  • 14-cup capacity for ample servings
  • Easy pour, no drip design for a perfect pour
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and control
  • Precise brewed coffee markings for accurate measurements
  • Black lid & brushed chrome handle for a sleek look
  • High-quality glass construction for durability

Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe, 14-Cup Q&A

Is this replacement carafe compatible with other Cuisinart models?
This carafe is designed specifically for Cuisinart DCC-2200 and DCC-2600 series coffeemakers.
What is the size of the replacement carafe?
The Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe has a 14-cup capacity.
Does the carafe have a no-drip design?
Yes, the carafe features a no-drip design for an easy and mess-free pouring experience.
Is the handle easy to hold?
The carafe features an ergonomic handle for a comfortable and secure grip.
How do I measure the amount of coffee in the carafe?
The carafe has precise brewed coffee markings for accurate measurements, ranging from two to fourteen cups.
Is the carafe easy to clean?
Yes, the carafe is easy to clean thanks to its removable black lid and sleek glass construction.
Will the carafe look stylish with my coffeemaker?
The carafe features a brushed chrome handle and black lid, offering a sleek and sophisticated look that complements any Cuisinart coffee station.
Is the carafe made of glass or plastic?
The Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe is made of durable glass.
What are the benefits of using a Cuisinart replacement carafe?
Using a Cuisinart replacement carafe ensures a proper fit, easy pouring, precise measurements, and a stylish look for your coffee station.
Is it easy to remove and attach the lid?
Yes, the black lid can be easily removed and attached for convenient cleaning and refilling.

Upgrade Your Coffee Experience with a Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe

Keep your coffeemaker operating at peak performance with a 14-cup Cuisinart DCC-2200RC Replacement Carafe. Designed for the DCC-2200 and DCC-2600 series, this must-have accessory ensures a perfect pour every time. The easy-to-use, no drip carafe features an ergonomic handle and precise brewed coffee markings for an upgraded coffee experience.

Don't let a broken or lost carafe keep you from enjoying your favorite morning ritual. This high-quality replacement carafe offers the perfect solution to keep your Cuisinart coffeemaker brewing up delicious results. With its black lid and brushed chrome handle, your coffee station will look sleek and sophisticated.

Serve your coffee with confidence using the 14-cup Cuisinart Replacement Carafe. This durable glass carafe provides a secure and comfortable grip, thanks to its ergonomic handle. Plus, the easy pour design and no-drip spout ensure that each cup is poured to perfection.

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