• KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar Black
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KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar Black

by Kitchenaid Item #: KA-9704253
Upgrade Your Blender with a KitchenAid Collar Replacement
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Specifically tailored to fit KSB3 and KSB5 models, this accessory ensures a secure and stable connection between the blender jar and base, providing you with optimal performance and consistent results.

Say goodbye to spills and messes, as this blender collar locks in place for a snug and leak-proof seal. The high-quality, durable construction ensures that your KitchenAid blender will continue to provide you with smooth and perfectly blended creations for years to come.

Upgrade your blending game with the KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar Black and experience a seamless, stress-free process every time. Please note that this collar is not compatible with blender models featuring a screw-on lid. Trust in the KitchenAid name and enhance your culinary journey with this stylish and functional accessory.
  • Designed for KSB3 and KSB5 models
  • Effortless installation
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Elevates blending experience
  • Sleek black design
  • Increases longevity of your blender
  • Perfect fit for seamless performance
  • Genuine KitchenAid part
  • Improves overall kitchen appearance
  • Blends seamlessly with other appliances

KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar Black Q&A

Which blender models does this collar fit?
The KitchenAid 9704253 Collar fits KSB3 and KSB5 models.
Can I use this collar on blenders with a screw-on lid?
No, this collar is not compatible with blenders that have screw-on lids.
Is it easy to install this collar on my blender?
Yes, the KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar has an easy installation process.
Is this part made of high-quality materials?
Absolutely, this KitchenAid blender collar is made of durable and high-quality materials.
Will a new collar improve my blender's performance?
Yes, replacing an old or worn-out collar with the KitchenAid 9704253 may enhance the performance of your blender.
Does the black design match other KitchenAid products?
Yes, the sleek black design is consistent with other KitchenAid appliances and accessories.
Can this collar extend the life of my blender?
Replacing a damaged or worn collar with the 9704253 Collar can help increase the longevity of your blender.
Is this an authentic KitchenAid part?
Yes, the KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar is a genuine KitchenAid product.
Will this collar fit seamlessly with my blender?
Yes, the 9704253 Collar is designed specifically for KSB3 and KSB5 models, ensuring a perfect fit.
Do I need any special tools to install this collar?
No special tools are required to install the KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar.

KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar Black - Enhance Your Blending Experience

Revitalize your KitchenAid blender by replacing its worn-out collar with the 9704253 Collar, Black. Specifically designed for KSB3 and KSB5 models, this durable and high-quality accessory ensures a perfect fit and peak performance for your blending needs.

Upgrade your kitchen appliance game and enhance your blending experience with the KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar in Black. This easy-to-install part provides new life to your daily blending routine, ensuring you can blend away without any hassle.

No need to settle for a subpar blending experience - choose the KitchenAid 9704253 Collar, Black to give your KSB3 or KSB5 blender the upgrade it deserves. Ditch your old collar and embrace the reliable performance and sleek appearance of this perfect-fit accessory.

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