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  • Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack
  • Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack
  • Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack
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  • Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack
  • Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack
  • Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack

Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack

by Sterlings Item #: TP-SPONGE100-6PK
Tackle the Toughest Cleaning Tasks with Sterling's Anti-Bacterial Sponges
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With its incredible versatility, these scrubbing sponges will become your go-to solution for all your cleaning needs. Boasting a unique anti-bacterial technology, these sponges ensure that your surfaces are not only spotless but also germ-free.

Say goodbye to scratches and rust, as these sponges are made of high-quality polyester and polyurethane and contain no metal. Their non-scratch scrubbing power is perfect for cleaning a wide range of surfaces, from stainless steel and plastic ware to Teflon and golf clubs. Brighten up your windows, microwaves, and vinyl siding with ease, while also preserving the delicate surfaces of your china dishes and copper cookware.

Transform your outdoor space with Sterling's sponge, as it effortlessly cleans patio furniture, umbrellas, and outdoor planters. Keep your glass cooktops, pet dishes, and tile floors looking pristine, and even use these sponges to gently wash your pets. Tackle those tough-to-clean surfaces like car white walls, car windows, bird baths, fountains, wood molding, and wood paneling with confidence.

Available in elegant gold and silver colors, Sterling's Anti-Bacterial Sponge Made in Israel 6 Pack brings style and efficiency to your cleaning routine. Experience the difference of these premium, made in Israel sponges, and elevate your cleaning game today.
  • Durable polyester and polyurethane construction
  • Anti-bacterial technology for germ protection
  • Safe for use on various surfaces
  • Non-scratch scrubbing action
  • Pack of six in gold and silver colors
  • Versatile for multiple cleaning tasks
  • Made in Israel

Sterling's Anti Bacterial Sponge Made In Israel 6 Pack Q&A

Are these sponges suitable for cleaning Teflon surfaces?
Yes, these sponges are safe and non-scratch for Teflon surfaces.
Does the pack come with both gold and silver sponges?
The color of the sponges may vary between gold and silver.
Can these sponges be used to clean glass cook tops?
Yes, they are suitable for cleaning glass cook tops as well.
Are they safe to use on wood molding and paneling?
Yes, these sponges can be used for cleaning wood molding and paneling without causing damage.
Can I clean my patio furniture with these sponges?
Absolutely! They are ideal for cleaning patio furniture and umbrellas.
How do I clean pet dishes with these sponges?
Use the Sterling's sponge to scrub the pet dishes thoroughly, ensuring all the debris and dirt are removed.
What materials are these sponges made of?
They are made of polyester and polyurethane.
Do they contain any metal?
No, these sponges do not contain any metal and will not rust.
Can I use these to clean golf clubs?
Yes, these sponges are perfect for cleaning golf clubs without causing any damage.
How effective is the anti-bacterial technology?
The anti-bacterial technology helps protect your family from harmful germs during cleaning tasks.

Experience the Power of Sterling's Anti-Bacterial Sponges (6 Pack) Made in Israel

Sterling's Anti-Bacterial Sponges are designed to help you achieve a superior level of cleanliness throughout your home. With these high-quality scrubbers made in Israel, you can tackle even the toughest stains and dirt in any corner of your home.

These non-scratch sponges are perfect for a wide range of surfaces, including stainless steel, windows, kitchen cabinets, and car white walls. They are made of durable polyester and polyurethane and feature anti-bacterial technology to protect your family from harmful germs.

In a pack of six, these sponges come in gold and silver colors to suit any style. They are suitable for cleaning various items, including pet dishes, bird baths, copper cookware, and shower doors. Upgrade your cleaning routine with Sterling's Anti-Bacterial Sponges today!

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