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  • Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 84c Degrees Celsius, 100 Pack
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Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 84c Degrees Celsius, 100 Pack

by Univen Item #: TH-TF84C-100PK
Safeguard Your Appliances with Thermal Cutoff Limiters
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Boasting an 84c degrees Celsius temperature rating, this versatile and reliable thermal fuse is compatible with a wide range of appliances and devices, making it the perfect addition to your safety toolkit.

Our thermal fuse operates as a temperature switch, thermal cutout, and temperature fuse all in one, providing comprehensive protection for your equipment. The 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V rating ensures that your devices remain secure even in high-voltage situations, keeping your mind at ease and your appliances in optimal working condition.

This value-packed 100 pack ensures that you have more than enough thermal fuses to secure multiple devices, or to keep handy as replacements when needed. Our commitment to delivering top-quality safety components ensures that our thermal fuses are built to last, providing long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

Upgrade your safety measures today with our Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 84c Degrees Celsius 100 Pack, and experience the benefits of unparalleled protection, exceptional reliability, and unbeatable value. Don't take chances when it comes to your valuable appliances and devices – safeguard them with the best in thermal protection technology.
  • Versatile thermal fuses fit a variety of appliances and electronic devices
  • 84c rated temperature for optimum protection
  • Reliable overheat prevention with thermal cutoff limiters
  • Also referred to as temperature switches or thermal cutouts
  • Rated 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V for wide-ranging compatibility
  • Available in a cost-effective 100 pack

Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 84c Degrees Celsius, 100 Pack Q&A

What temperatures are these fuses rated for?
These fuses are rated for 84c degrees Celsius.
What devices can these thermal fuses be used with?
These fuses can be used with a variety of appliances and electronic devices.
What is the purpose of a thermal fuse?
A thermal fuse helps protect devices from overheating damage.
What are some other names for these fuses?
They are also known as thermal cutoffs, temperature switches, thermal cutouts, and temperature fuses.
What is the amperage rating for these fuses?
They are rated 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V.
How many fuses come in one pack?
There are 100 fuses in a pack.
Are these fuses safe for use with household appliances?
Yes, these fuses are designed for use with a variety of appliances and devices.
Do these fuses provide cost-effective protection?
Yes, purchasing a 100 pack of fuses ensures a cost-effective solution for device protection.
Are these fuses easy to install?
Yes, their design allows for easy installation in compatible devices.
Can these fuses help prevent costly repairs?
Yes, by protecting devices from overheating damage, these fuses can help prevent the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

84c Thermal Fuse Cutoff Limiter - Protect Your Appliances

Ensure the safety of your appliances and electronic devices with our 84c thermal fuse thermal cutoff limiter pack. These versatile fuses provide a reliable solution for protecting your devices from overheating damage.

Our 100 pack of 84c thermal fuses offer a wide range of applications, from household appliances to sophisticated electronic devices. Also known as temperature switches or thermal cutouts, these fuses are designed to prevent further damage to your devices.

Rated 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V, these 84c thermal fuses ensure that your appliances stay protected, so you can avoid costly repairs or replacements. Invest in the safety of your devices with this practical and reliable 100 pack of thermal fuses.

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