• Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 72c Degrees Celsius, 100 Pack
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Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 72c Degrees Celsius, 100 Pack

by Univen Item #: TH-TF72C-100PK
Keep Your Appliances Safe with our 72ºC Thermal Fuse Cutoff Limiter
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This innovative product is perfect for a wide range of applications, ensuring that your valuable gadgets remain in optimal working condition.

Our thermal fuse is rated 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V, offering versatile protection for various devices. The 72c Degrees Celsius cutoff temperature ensures that your appliances and electronics are safeguarded from extreme heat, preventing costly damages and prolonging their lifespan.

Gone are the days of worrying about overheating during those long hours of use. With this 100 pack of thermal fuses, you have the convenience and peace of mind to keep your devices functioning efficiently and safely. Easily replace worn-out fuses and have spare ones on hand for future use, ensuring that your gadgets can handle even the most demanding tasks.

Invest in the safety and longevity of your appliances and electronic devices with our Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 72c Degrees Celsius. This incredible value-packed 100 pack offers exceptional protection and performance, making it an essential addition to your toolkit. Give your devices the protection they deserve and experience the benefits of our thermal fuse today.
  • Versatile: compatible with many appliances and devices
  • 100 pack: cost-effective purchase
  • 15A at 120V, 10A at 250V: meets diverse requirements
  • 72ºC cutoff temperature: optimal protection level
  • Prevents overheating: increases device lifespan
  • Reliable and efficient: peace of mind
  • Easy to install: hassle-free protection
  • Wide application: suitable for various electronic devices
  • High-quality materials: ensures durability
  • Proactive investment: saves on future repair costs

Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 72c Degrees Celsius, 100 Pack Q&A

What temperature does this thermal fuse cutoff at?
This thermal fuse has a cutoff temperature of 72 degrees Celsius.
What is the pack size offered?
This product comes in a pack of 100 units.
Is this thermal fuse suitable for different appliances?
Yes, this thermal fuse is designed to be versatile and can be used with many different appliances and electronic devices.
What are the voltage ratings for these thermal fuses?
These thermal fuses are rated at 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V.
Can these thermal fuses help in prolonging the lifespan of my appliances?
Yes, by preventing overheating, these thermal fuses can effectively increase the lifespan of your appliances and devices.
Are they easy to install?
Yes, these thermal fuses are designed for ease of installation, ensuring hassle-free protection for your devices.
What type of electronic devices are these thermal fuses suitable for?
These thermal fuses are compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, making them a practical choice for users with diverse requirements.
Do these thermal fuses provide protection against overheating?
Yes, the primary function of these thermal fuses is to provide reliable protection against overheating by cutting off the power supply when the temperature reaches 72°C.
How cost-effective is this 100-pack of thermal fuses?
This 100-pack offers excellent value for money, providing a cost-effective solution for those in need of multiple thermal fuses for their devices and appliances.
Are these thermal fuses made of high-quality materials?
Yes, these thermal fuses are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliable performance.

72ºC Thermal Fuse Cutoff Limiter: Appliance Protection & Overheating Prevention

Ensure the safety and optimal performance of your appliances with our 72ºC Thermal Fuse Cutoff Limiter, designed to provide reliable protection against overheating. This versatile solution is perfect for a wide range of electronic devices, ensuring that they operate smoothly and consistently.

Our cost-effective 100 pack of thermal fuse cutoff limiters is rated at 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V, making it suitable for numerous electronics, while providing excellent value for your money. Prevent costly repairs and prolong the lifespan of your devices by investing in this essential protective element.

Designed for ease of installation, these 72ºC Thermal Fuse Cutoff Limiters ensure that your appliances and devices are constantly protected. Their practical design is engineered to work with a diversity of devices, reassuring the user that the thermal fuse will always be up to the task.

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