• Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 240c Degrees Celsius, 10 Pack
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Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 240c Degrees Celsius, 10 Pack

by Univen Item #: TH-TF240C-10PK
Safeguard Your Devices with 240c Thermal Fuses
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This 10 pack of thermal fuses offers exceptional value, ensuring you have enough backup to safeguard your equipment whenever needed.

Designed to fit a wide range of appliances and devices, this versatile thermal fuse, also known as a temperature switch, thermal cutout, or temperature fuse, ensures reliable and consistent performance. Rated 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V, you can trust in the strength and durability of our thermal fuses to keep your devices functioning at their best.

Our Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 240c Degrees Celsius stands out from the competition with its unique selling points. The 240c temperature rating provides an extra layer of protection, preventing your appliances from overheating and ensuring their longevity. Plus, with a 10 pack supply, you can have peace of mind knowing you have a reliable backup for your devices.

Don't leave the safety of your appliances and devices to chance. Invest in our top-of-the-line Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 240c Degrees Celsius 10 pack and experience the benefits of enhanced protection and improved performance for your valuable equipment.
  • Versatile 240c thermal fuses
  • Safeguards various appliances and devices
  • Prevents overheating and damage
  • 10 fuses in a pack
  • Rated 15A at 120V, 10A at 250V
  • Reliable temperature switches
  • Effective thermal cutouts
  • Essential for device safety
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting protection

Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 240c Degrees Celsius, 10 Pack Q&A

What is the main function of this thermal fuse?
The main function is to protect appliances and electronic devices from overheating and potential damage.
What devices can benefit from these fuses?
Various appliances and electronic devices like microwaves, coffee makers, and more can benefit from these thermal fuses.
What is the voltage rating?
These thermal fuses are rated at 15A for 120V and 10A for 250V.
How many fuses come in a pack?
There are 10 fuses in each pack.
What other names are these temperature switches known by?
They are also known as thermal cut offs, thermal cutouts, and temperature fuses.
Are these fuses easy to install?
Yes, they are easy to install in compatible devices.
Do these fuses help with energy efficiency?
These fuses mainly focus on preventing overheating, which indirectly aids in energy efficiency.
Can these fuses be used in residential and commercial appliances?
Yes, they can be used in both residential and commercial appliances within the compatible voltage rating.
Are these thermal fuses reusable?
No, once a thermal fuse has been triggered, it must be replaced with a new one.
What is the 240c temperature referring to?
The 240c temperature refers to the maximum temperature limit of the fuse before it cuts off the electrical circuit to prevent damage from overheating.

240C Thermal Fuse Cutoff Limiter - Keep Your Appliances Safe (10 Pack)

Ensure the safety and longevity of your appliances and electronic devices with our 240c thermal fuse cutoff limiter. This pack of 10 fuses acts as a reliable temperature switch, effectively preventing overheating and potential damage to your devices.

Our 240c thermal fuses, also known as temperature fuses or thermal cutouts, are designed to fit a wide range of appliances and devices. They are rated at 15A for 120V and 10A for 250V, making them versatile and suitable for various applications.

Invest in the protection of your appliances with our 10 pack of thermal cutoff limiters. These temperature switches are essential for preventing malfunctions and potential disasters caused by overheating in electronic devices and appliances.

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