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  • Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light 4 PACK
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Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light 4 PACK

by Conair Item #: CN-134-4PK
Upgrade your daily routine with our wall mounted hair dryer
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With 1600 watts of drying power, this small but mighty hair dryer ensures you'll never have a bad hair day again.

The built-in LED night light not only adds a touch of convenience to your grooming experience, but also provides a warm, ambient glow to your bathroom. Plus, the Conair 134R Wall Mounted Hair Dryer automatically shuts off when placed in the wall mount, ensuring both safety and energy efficiency.

The wall mount holds the dryer securely in place, making it a perfect space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms or for those who like to keep their countertops clutter-free. Choose from 2 speed/heat settings to customize your drying experience, and enjoy the ease of a removable filter for simple maintenance.

The coil cord allows for easy maneuverability while using the hair dryer, and as a UL Listed product, you can trust that this Conair hair dryer meets the highest safety standards. Please note that this is a plug-in unit, allowing for effortless installation without the need for professional wiring.

Upgrade your bathroom and hair care routine with the Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light 4 PACK – a stylish, practical, and efficient addition to any home.
  • Powerful 1600 watt motor
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Built-in LED night light
  • Secure wall mount
  • 2 speed and heat settings
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Removable filter for hassle-free maintenance
  • Coil cord for added convenience
  • UL Listed for safety
  • Ideal for daily hair care

Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light 4 PACK Q&A

How powerful is the Conair 134NR hair dryer?
The Conair 134NR hair dryer has 1600 watts of drying power.
Does the hair dryer come with any additional features?
Yes, it features a built-in LED night light for added convenience.
Is the Conair 134NR wall mounted?
Yes, the hair dryer comes with a secure wall mount for easy storage and accessibility.
Does the dryer have adjustable settings?
Yes, it has two speed and heat settings to suit your personal preferences.
Is this hair dryer safe to use?
Yes, the Conair 134NR is UL Listed, ensuring safety during use.
How does the automatic shut-off feature work?
The hair dryer automatically shuts off when placed back in its wall mount.
Can the filter be removed for cleaning?
Yes, the Conair 134NR has a removable filter for easy maintenance.
What type of cord does this hair dryer have?
It features a coil cord for added convenience during use.
How many hair dryers are included in the 4 PACK?
There are four Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryers included in the 4 PACK.
Does this hair dryer require professional installation?
No, the Conair 134NR is a plug-in unit and does not require professional installation.

Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer with Night Light: Power & Convenience

Introducing the Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer, designed to make your hair care routine effortless and efficient. This powerful 1600 watt dryer is not only compact but also comes with a built-in LED night light for added convenience.

With its sleek wall-mounted design, the Conair 134NR ensures that your hairdryer is always securely in place and within easy reach. Featuring two speed and heat settings, you can easily adjust to your personal preferences for the perfect at-home blowout.

Say goodbye to cluttered bathroom countertops with this innovative hair dryer that neatly tucks into its wall mount when not in use. Plus, with the automatic shut-off feature, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the dryer will turn off as soon as it's placed back in its holder.

The removable filter on the Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer makes maintenance a breeze. Equipped with a coil cord and UL Listed, this hair dryer offers both functionality and safety for your hair care routine.

Upgrade your hair care arsenal with the Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light 4 PACK. Experience power, convenience, and the perfect blowout every time you use this must-have styling tool.

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