• KitchenAid W10223140 Glass Mixer Bowl Cover Lid
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KitchenAid W10223140 Glass Mixer Bowl Cover Lid

by Kitchenaid Item #: KA-W10223140
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KitchenAid W10223140 Glass Mixer Bowl Cover Lid. W10223140 Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Replacement Glass Bowl 5 QT Cover Lid W10223140 KitchenAid Mixer Bowl Cover fits some 4 1/2 and 5 Quart KitchenAid Glass mixer bowls listed below. Non-sealing mixer bowl covers are top rack dishwasher safe. Includes one bowl cover lid. Fits Models: 5KSM1500SBMS4, 5KSM150PSACU0, 5KSM150PSAES0, 5KSM150PSIAC4, 5KSM150PSIER4, 5KSM150PSIGA4, 5KSM150PSIGC4, 5KSM150PSIMC4, 5KSM150PSITG4, 5KSM150PSIWH4, 5KSM150PSZER0, 5KSM150PSZOB0, 5KSM156ABZ0, 5KSM156ACA0, 5KSM156AEB0, 5KSM156ALT0, 5KSM156AMS0, 5KSM156AQC0, 5KSM156ARI0, 5KSM156ASR0, 5KSM156BBZ4, 5KSM156BCA4, 5KSM156BEB4 , 5KSM156BFP4, 5KSM156EBZ4, 5KSM156ECA4, 5KSM156EEB4, 5KSM156EFP4, 5KSM160APSACA0, 5KSM160APSACS0, 5KSM160APSCCA0, 5KSM160APSCCS0, 5KSM160APSWCA0, 5KSM160APSWCS0, 5KSM160PSAAC0, 5KSM160PSACU0, 5KSM160PSAER0, 5KSM160PSAOB0, 7KSM150PSZCU0, 7KSM150PSZER0, 7KSM150PSZOB0, 9KSM95AC0, 9KSM95GA0, 9KSM95TG0, 9KSM95YP0, KSM152GBCP0, KSM154GBQAC0, KSM154GBQBF0, KSM154GBQBW0, KSM154GBQCL0, KSM154GBQCU0, KSM154GBQER0, KSM154GBQES0, KSM154GBQGA0, KSM154GBQGC0, KSM154GBQMY0, KSM154GBQOB0, KSM154GBQSM0, KSM154GBQTG0, KSM154GBQWH0, KSM85PBBU0, KSM85PBER0, KSM85PBGA0, KSM85PBMY0, KSM85PBOB0, KSM85PBSM0, KSM85PSBK0, KSM85PSSL0.

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