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  • High Temperature Wire,10 Awg, 100' Roll
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High Temperature Wire,10 Awg, 100' Roll

by Radix Item #: CO-HTW10-100
Experience Enhanced Performance with High Temperature Wire
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With its 10 Awg size and 100' roll length, this premium wire caters to all your wiring needs, ensuring you never run short of quality materials.

Our High Temperature Wire is expertly crafted with Teflon treated glass, which is UL approved for your peace of mind. This exceptional feature guarantees the wire's ability to withstand extreme temperatures, making it the perfect choice for your high-demand electrical equipment and appliances.

Constructed from nickel plated stranded copper, our High Temperature Wire boasts superior conductivity and durability. With a 250c temperature rating and 600V voltage capacity, this wire is the ideal solution for internal wiring of electrical equipment and appliances, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Choose Radix High Temperature Wire 10 Awg for a dependable and long-lasting wiring solution that will empower your projects and boost your productivity. With its 100' roll, our high temperature wire promises to be your go-to choice for all your wiring needs. Don't settle for less - invest in the best and experience the unmatched quality and performance of our High Temperature Wire 10 Awg 100' roll.
  • UL approved for safety and reliability
  • Teflon treated glass for optimal insulation
  • Nickel-plated stranded copper for enhanced conductivity
  • Rated 250c and 600V for versatile application
  • Ideal for internal wiring of electrical equipment and appliances
  • 100' roll for flexibility and convenience
  • Compatible with a range of appliances
  • Radix - a trusted name in electrical wiring
  • Durable and built to last under high temperatures
  • Excellent choice for maintaining efficient internal wiring

High Temperature Wire,10 Awg, 100' Roll Q&A

What is the main benefit of using high temperature wire?
The main benefit is its ability to maintain reliable and efficient internal wiring under high temperature conditions.
What material is the high temperature wire made of?
It is made out of nickel-plated stranded copper.
What is the rating of this high temperature wire?
It is rated 250c and 600V.
What applications are suitable for this high temperature wire?
It is used for internal wiring of electrical equipment and appliances.
What is the wire's insulation made of?
The wire insulation is made of Teflon treated glass.
What length does the high temperature wire come in?
It comes in a 100' roll.
Is the high temperature wire UL approved?
Yes, it is UL approved.
What type of appliances can the high temperature wire be used for?
It can be used for a variety of electrical equipment and appliances.
Why should I choose Radix for my wiring needs?
Radix is a trusted name in electrical wiring that delivers high-quality and reliable products.
Does the Teflon treated glass provide any additional benefits?
Yes, it ensures optimal insulation and protection for the wire.

High Quality 10 AWG High Temperature Wire for Electrical Wiring

Upgrade your electrical equipment and appliances with our high-quality 10 AWG high temperature wire. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, this wire is perfect for maintaining reliable and efficient internal wiring.

Our high temperature wire is UL approved and made out of nickel-plated stranded copper for enhanced performance. Rated 250c and 600V, this 100' roll provides both durability and flexibility.

Revolutionize your internal wiring with the Teflon treated glass used in our high temperature wire, ensuring optimal insulation and protection. Trust Radix for all your electrical wiring needs.

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