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  • High Temperature Wire,12 Awg, 500' Roll
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High Temperature Wire,12 Awg, 500' Roll

by Radix Item #: CO-HTW12-500
Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring with 500' Roll of 12 AWG High Temperature Wire
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With a generous 12 AWG and a 500' roll, you'll have ample supply for all your wiring projects, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience.

Our High Temperature Wire boasts a Teflon treated glass that is UL approved, providing you with the highest standard of safety and reliability. The impressive construction features nickel plated stranded copper, ensuring durability and longevity in even the most intense conditions.

Rated for 250c and 600V, this high temperature wire is perfect for internal wiring of electrical equipment and appliances. Its extraordinary heat resistance makes it ideal for use in demanding environments, where ordinary wiring simply won't suffice.

Upgrade your wiring game with our High Temperature Wire 12 AWG 500' Roll and experience the difference in quality and performance. Not only will you be investing in the safety and reliability of your electrical equipment, but you'll also be enhancing the overall efficiency of your appliances.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your wiring needs – choose our High Temperature Wire and unlock the full potential of your electrical equipment today.
  • 500' roll of high temperature wire
  • 12 AWG for efficient conductivity
  • Teflon treated glass insulation
  • Nickel plated stranded copper construction
  • UL approved for safety
  • Rated 250°C and 600V
  • Ideal for internal wiring in electrical equipment and appliances
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Excellent for high-temperature environments
  • Provides enhanced safety and insulation

High Temperature Wire,12 Awg, 500' Roll Q&A

Is this wire UL approved?
Yes, the high temperature wire is UL approved for safety.
How long is the roll of wire?
The roll of wire is 500 feet long.
What is the wire made of?
The wire is made of nickel plated stranded copper.
What is the wire's temperature rating?
The wire is rated at 250°C.
What is the wire's voltage rating?
The wire is rated at 600V.
What is the wire's insulation made of?
The wire is insulated with Teflon treated glass.
What gauge is the high temperature wire?
The wire is 12 AWG.
Can this wire be used for internal wiring?
Yes, it is suitable for internal wiring of electrical equipment and appliances.
What applications is this wire suitable for?
This wire is perfect for electrical equipment, appliances, and other high temperature environments.
Is this wire resistant to high temperatures?
Yes, the wire is designed to withstand high temperatures up to 250°C.

12 AWG High Temperature Wire - 500' Roll, UL Approved, Rated 250°C and 600V

Upgrade the internal wiring of your electrical equipment and appliances with our high-quality 12 AWG high temperature wire. This 500' roll features nickel plated stranded copper construction, ensuring unmatched durability and reliability. Designed for high temperature environments, the wire is treated with Teflon for added insulation and safety. This UL-approved wire is rated to withstand temperatures up to 250°C and adds versatility and ease to your electrical projects.

Our 12 AWG high temperature wire is ideal for those who need long-lasting and durable wiring solutions for electrical equipment and appliances. With a 500' roll, you'll have plenty of wire to work with, and the nickel plated stranded copper ensures excellent conductivity for all of your electrical needs. UL-approved and rated at 250°C and 600V, this wire is perfect for high-temperature environments and offers reliable performance.

Ensure the safety and longevity of your electrical equipment with our 12 AWG high temperature wire. Covered in Teflon treated glass, this wire is UL approved for maximum safety, allowing you to trust in its performance for your applications. This 500' roll of wire is made from nickel plated stranded copper, giving it durability and efficient conductivity. Rated for 250°C and 600V, our high temperature wire is an ideal solution for all of your internal wiring needs.

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