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  • Power Cord, Fits Electric Kettles 16AWG/3
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Power Cord, Fits Electric Kettles 16AWG/3

by Univen Item #: CO-LJ63808
Upgrade Your Electric Kettle with Our Durable Power Cord
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Engineered for versatility, this power cord is adaptable for other heating appliances, ensuring a reliable and secure connection at all times.

Say goodbye to the days of struggling with faulty cords and enjoy the reassurance of our robust replacement cord, specifically crafted to fit Presto percolators using a 3 wire grounded cord. With its sleek design and durable build, this power cord is the ultimate solution for your electric kettle needs.

Upgrade your kettle experience and feel the difference with our top-quality power cord that fits electric kettles like a dream, providing you with the ease and efficiency you deserve. Don't settle for less. Choose our replacement power cord and elevate your everyday kettle use with confidence and peace of mind.
  • 36-inch HPN 16AWG/3 power cord
  • Grounded 3-wire design for safety
  • Compatible with electric kettles, tea kettles, and Presto percolators
  • Durable, convenient, and energy efficient
  • Ideal for replacing worn-out or damaged cords

Power Cord, Fits Electric Kettles 16AWG/3 Q&A

Is the power cord compatible with my electric kettle?
Yes, it fits electric kettles and other heating appliances, including Presto percolators with a 3-wire grounded cord.
How long is the power cord?
The power cord is 36 inches in length.
What material is the power cord made from?
It's made from high-quality HPN 16AWG/3 material ensuring durability.
Is the cord safe to use?
Yes, the 3-wire grounded design adds safety and reliability to the power cord.
Can I use this power cord for other heating appliances?
Yes, our power cord is suitable for use with various heating appliances like tea kettles and Presto percolators.
How energy-efficient is the 16AWG/3 power cord?
This power cord is designed to maximize energy efficiency while delivering reliable performance.
Can I use this cord as a replacement for my original kettle cord?
Yes, this power cord is an excellent replacement for worn-out or damaged cords in electric kettles and similar appliances.
Why should I choose this power cord for my electric kettle?
Choosing our high-quality 16AWG/3 power cord ensures safety, durability, and reliability for your electric kettle or appliance.
Is the power cord easy to install?
Yes, the power cord is designed for quick and simple installation, and the 36-inch length adds convenience.
How many wires are in the cord?
The cord features a 3-wire grounded design.

Premium 16AWG/3 Replacement Power Cord for Electric Kettles and Appliances

Our exceptional 16AWG/3 power cord brings efficiency and safety to your favorite electric kettle or heating appliance. Its 36-inch length boasts convenience in use and functionality.

The durable 3-wire, grounded design of our premium HPN power cord ensures safety while providing power to your electric kettle or Presto percolator, making it an ideal replacement.

Invest in the reliability of our high-quality power cord suitable for various appliances like electric kettles, tea kettles, and other heating devices. Experience the long-lasting performance.

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