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  • Cord, 6', 1/2 Spacing, Fits Percolators, Rice Cookers
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Cord, 6', 1/2 Spacing, Fits Percolators, Rice Cookers

by Univen Item #: CO-PC6
Extend Your Cooking Capabilities with a Perfect Fit Cord
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With a generous length of 6 feet, this cord allows you to comfortably place your appliances anywhere in your kitchen, making it perfect for those who love to multitask while cooking.

Featuring a 1/2" spacing between the terminal pins, this versatile cord is compatible with a wide range of appliances including percolators, rice cookers, Presto Fry Baby, and Presto Percolator 02811, among others. Simply compare the connector end with your appliance to ensure a perfect fit. Please note that this cord is not suitable for appliances that require a magnetic connection.

The CO-PC6 cord is not only practical but also built to last, ensuring a reliable connection to your beloved appliances for years to come. Say goodbye to the limitations of short cords and embrace the possibilities that come with the CO-PC6 cord. Enhance your cooking experience and discover the true potential of your kitchen appliances with this must-have accessory. Get your CO-PC6 cord today and experience the difference for yourself.
  • 6-foot length provides extra reach
  • 1/2-inch terminal pin spacing for a wide range of appliances
  • Fits percolators, rice cookers, Presto Fry Baby, and more
  • Standard cord, not magnetic
  • Easy compatibility check: simply compare with your appliance
  • Connector end measures approximately 1 inch wide by 0.5 inch high

Cord, 6', 1/2 Spacing, Fits Percolators, Rice Cookers Q&A

Will this cord work with my percolator?
This cord is designed to work with percolators using a standard cord and featuring 1/2-inch pin spacing.
Can the cord be used with magnetic appliances?
No, this cord is designed for appliances that use a standard cord and not new style magnetic cords.
What is the length of this cord?
The cord is 6 feet long.
What is the difference between standard cord and magnetic cord?
A standard cord has a regular plug, while a magnetic cord features a magnetized connection.
Will this cord fit my Presto Fry Baby?
Yes, this cord is compatible with Presto Fry Baby appliances that use a standard cord.
What are the connector end dimensions?
The connector end measures approximately 1-inch wide by 0.5-inch high.
How can I determine if the cord fits my appliance?
Simply compare the 1/2-inch pin spacing and connector end measurements with your appliance.
Is this cord compatible with rice cookers?
Yes, it fits rice cookers that require a 1/2-inch pin spacing and standard cord.
Will this cord replace new style magnetic cords?
No, this cord is not designed to replace magnetic cords.
What is the spacing between the terminal pins?
The terminal pins are spaced at 1/2-inch center to center.

Revamp Your Cooking Experience with the 6' Extra Long Appliance Cord

Unlock a new world of convenience in your kitchen with our 6-foot cord, designed to fit a variety of appliances like percolators, rice cookers, and more. This durable cord expands your cooking capabilities, so you can prepare delicious meals without any limitations.

Say goodbye to the hassle of having to hunt for lost or damaged cords. Our extra-long 6' cord has a 1/2-inch spacing between terminal pins, ensuring compatibility with appliances like Presto Fry Baby and Percolator 02811. Simply compare with your appliance to see if it fits.

Equip your kitchen with the versatile and durable CO-PC6 cord, a must-have for any modern kitchen. Its substantial length means you'll have ample reach to your desired outlets, enhancing the efficiency of your cooking process.

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