• Zip Cord Lamp Cord, 18/2 Spt-1, Black, 250' Roll
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Zip Cord Lamp Cord, 18/2 Spt-1, Black, 250' Roll

by Univen Item #: CO-ZIPBL-250
Illuminate Your World with Zip Cord Lamp Cord
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With a sleek black 18/2 SPT-1 design, this 250' roll of lamp cord is both versatile and reliable, ensuring a secure connection for all your household appliances such as clocks, lamps, radios, and fans.

Not only is this Zip Cord Lamp Cord incredibly durable and easy to work with, but it also offers an impressive 18-gauge, two-conductor wire, providing you with the ultimate power source for all your electrical needs. Say goodbye to frayed, tangled cords and hello to our bulk lamp cord that allows you to customize your lighting solutions with ease.

Replacing your old lamp cords has never been easier with our convenient lamp cord wire. Simply cut the desired length to breathe new life into your favorite household appliances, giving them a fresh, modern look while maintaining their original charm. With our Zip Cord Lamp Cord, the possibilities are endless.

Experience the benefits of our unique selling points, including the ease of use, flexibility, and affordability that comes with our Zip Cord Lamp Cord. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional electrician, this lamp cord is the ultimate solution for all your lighting needs.

So, don't be left in the dark - brighten up your life with our top-of-the-line Zip Cord Lamp Cord. Make the switch today and experience the difference of a reliable, efficient, and stylish power source that you can trust.
  • Versatile for various appliances
  • 250' roll for convenience
  • High-quality 18/2 SPT-1 design
  • Durable and flexible black cord
  • Efficient and reliable performance
  • Suitable for lamps, radios, and more
  • Easy to use and install
  • Affordable lighting solution
  • Improves household functionality
  • Professional-grade quality

Zip Cord Lamp Cord, 18/2 Spt-1, Black, 250' Roll Q&A

What appliances can I use this zip cord lamp cord for?
This cord is suitable for household appliances such as clocks, lamps, radios, and fans.
What length does this cord come in?
It comes in a 250' roll for your convenience.
Is this zip cord lamp cord flexible and durable?
Yes, it is designed for durability and flexibility to suit various needs.
Can I rely on the performance of this cord?
Absolutely, it offers efficient and reliable performance for your lighting needs.
Does this cord provide a professional-grade quality?
Yes, it is a high-quality 18/2 SPT-1 cord designed for optimal performance.
Is this zip cord lamp cord easy to use and install?
Definitely, it is designed for user-friendly installation and usage.
What color does this cord come in?
This zip cord lamp cord is available in black.
Will this cord improve the functionality of my household appliances?
Yes, it will enhance the performance and functionality of your appliances.
Is this an affordable lighting solution?
Yes, it offers a cost-effective solution for your lighting needs.
Does this cord offer endless opportunities for use?
Indeed, the 250' roll provides various opportunities for household appliance upgrades.

High-Quality 18/2 SPT-1 Black Zip Cord Lamp Cord - 250' Roll

Upgrade your lighting experience with the high-quality and versatile 18/2 SPT-1 black zip cord lamp cord. Designed for various household appliances, this efficient option adds value and convenience to your home.

Unveil the potential of the 250' roll of 18/2 SPT-1 black zip cord lamp cord. Providing a reliable and efficient solution for your lighting needs, this cord is perfect for clocks, lamps, radios, and fans.

Experience the durability and flexibility of the 18/2 SPT-1 black zip cord lamp cord. With its 250' roll, this cord provides endless opportunities for your household appliances, ensuring a well-lit and functional environment.

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