• Zip Cord Lamp Cord, 18/2 Spt-1, Brown, 100' Roll
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Zip Cord Lamp Cord, 18/2 Spt-1, Brown, 100' Roll

by Univen Item #: CO-ZIPBR-100
Revamp Your Appliances with High-Quality Lamp Cord
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This high-quality lamp cord is specifically designed for use in various household appliances such as clocks, lamps, radios, and fans, ensuring a safe and efficient power connection.

The 18/2 SPT-1 rating of this lamp cord guarantees superior performance, with 18-gauge wire providing optimal conductivity while the 2-conductor design ensures easy and secure wiring. This brown bulk lamp cord not only offers a seamless blend with your home decor but also has the strength and durability to withstand everyday use.

Replacing worn-out cords or rewiring your favorite lamp has never been easier, thanks to the lamp cord wire of this product. The zip cord feature allows for effortless separation of the conductors, making installation a breeze. With 100 feet of cord at your disposal, you can tackle multiple projects without running out.

The Zip Cord Lamp Cord, 18/2 SPT-1 in brown, goes beyond being just a functional necessity; it also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space. Choose this lamp cord for all your lighting and appliance needs, and experience the difference of a dependable, high-quality product that enhances the beauty and efficiency of your home.
  • Durable and reliable wire for appliances
  • Perfect for lamps, clocks, radios, and fans
  • Stylish brown color
  • 100-foot roll for multiple projects
  • Easy to use and install
  • High-performance and flexibility
  • Great for upgrading appliances
  • Ensures longevity and improved functionality
  • Perfect for home DIY projects
  • High-quality material

Zip Cord Lamp Cord, 18/2 Spt-1, Brown, 100' Roll Q&A

What appliances can I use this zip cord lamp cord for?
You can use it for lamps, clocks, radios, and fans.
What is the length of this lamp cord?
It comes in a 100-foot roll.
What color is this zip cord lamp cord?
It's available in a stylish brown.
Can I use this lamp cord for multiple projects?
Yes, the 100-foot roll provides enough cord for multiple projects at home.
What is the benefit of using this lamp cord?
Upgrade your household appliances' functionality and longevity with this high-quality lamp cord.
Is it easy to use and install?
Yes, it's easy to use and install.
How flexible is this lamp cord?
It has high-performance and flexibility, perfect for various applications.
Can I use this lamp cord for DIY projects?
Yes, it's perfect for home DIY projects.
Is the material of this lamp cord durable?
Yes, it's made of high-quality material for durability and reliability.
What is the wire type of this lamp cord?
It is an 18/2 SPT-1 zip cord lamp cord.

Upgrade Appliances with Durable 18/2 SPT-1 Zip Cord Lamp Cord

Revamp your household appliances with our durable and reliable 18/2 SPT-1 Zip Cord Lamp Cord, available in a stylish brown, 100-foot roll. It's perfect for upgrading lamps, clocks, radios, and fans, ensuring a longer life and improved functionality.

Get the best wire for all your household needs using our 18/2 SPT-1 Zip Cord Lamp Cord in brown color, providing high performance and flexibility. This 100-foot roll ensures that you have enough cord for all your projects at home.

Upgrade your appliances in a breeze with our 18/2 SPT-1 Zip Cord Lamp Cord, brown, 100-foot roll. Designed to be durable and reliable, perfect for various household appliances, including lamps, clocks, radios, and fans.

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