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  • Jiffy Steamer J-1 Original Personal Hat Steamer, 1300 Watts, 1 Gallon Water Bottle
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Jiffy Steamer J-1 Original Personal Hat Steamer, 1300 Watts, 1 Gallon Water Bottle

by Jiffy Steamer Item #: JF-J1
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Jiffy J-1 hat steamer, 1300 watts, 1 gallon water bottle. The Jiffy Steamer J-1 is used in hat stores, rental outlets and supply houses worldwide. Jiffy Steamer's Classic Personal Hat Steamer was the first product the company ever produced and continues to satisfy our customers to this day. The J-1 is used to block, stretch, crease, shrink or shape straw and felt hats. Ideal applications include removing nesting rings in seconds, freshening felt to a velvet texture and shaping the hat to the preference of the owner. Quality Features: quick two minute heat-up time, designed to sit on a tabletop at a comfortable work height, solid brass 2 1/2" nozzle directs steam through five outlet holes, all brass couplings, die cast aluminum outer housing for durability, impact resistant one (1) gallon water reservoir, new "no spill" check valve cap, 1300 watt heating element die cast in solid brass, 50/60 Hertz electrical system, color-coded high temperature wiring, fusible link with automatic shut-off for safety.
  • Compact and portable design for convenient use in a variety of settings
  • Rapid two-minute heat-up time for efficient steaming
  • Solid brass 2.5-inch nozzle with five outlet holes for targeted steam delivery
  • Durable die-cast aluminum outer housing for long-lasting performance
  • Large 1-gallon water reservoir minimizes frequent refilling

Jiffy Steamer J-1 Original Personal Hat Steamer, 1300 Watts, 1 Gallon Water Bottle Q&A

What types of hats can the Jiffy Steamer J-1 be used on?
The Jiffy Steamer J-1 is versatile and can be used on a variety of hat materials, including straw, felt, and more. It is ideal for blocking, stretching, creasing, shrinking, or shaping hats to the owner's preference.
How quickly does the J-1 heat up?
The Jiffy Steamer J-1 has a rapid two-minute heat-up time, allowing users to start steaming quickly and efficiently.
What safety features does the J-1 have?
The J-1 features a fusible link with automatic shut-off for added safety, as well as color-coded high temperature wiring to prevent any electrical issues.
How long can the J-1 be used without needing a refill?
The J-1 has a large 1-gallon water reservoir, minimizing the need for frequent refilling during use.
What makes the J-1's nozzle unique?
The J-1 has a solid brass 2.5-inch nozzle with five outlet holes, allowing for targeted and efficient steam delivery to hats.
The Jiffy Steamer J-1 Personal Hat Steamer is a versatile and dependable tool that simplifies the process of caring for and shaping hats. This compact yet powerful steamer efficiently removes wrinkles, reshapes brim curves, and revives the fabric texture of straw, felt, and other hat materials. With its rapid two-minute heat-up time and durable brass nozzle, the J-1 streamlines hat maintenance, allowing users to freshen and customize their headwear with ease. Whether in a professional setting or for personal use, this Jiffy Steamer delivers consistent, high-quality results to keep hats looking their best.

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