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  • Diane DEE033 Cotton Squares 160 Count
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Diane DEE033 Cotton Squares 160 Count

by Fromm Item #: FM-DEE033
Discover the Softness and Versatility of Diane Cotton Squares
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With a generous 160 count pack, these standard 2.4-inch squares are made from 100% pure cotton, ensuring a soft and gentle touch for your skin. The benefits of using these luxurious cotton squares are endless – from removing makeup and applying toner, to wiping away nail polish and performing DIY facials.

Not only will your skin thank you for the gentle care, but these cotton squares also provide an environmentally friendly option with a reusable zip-top bag. This unique feature allows you to conveniently store and organize your squares while keeping them clean and ready for use.

Choose Diane DEE033 Cotton Squares for a superior, eco-friendly, and versatile product that will enhance your daily beauty regimen. With 160 high-quality cotton squares at your fingertips, you'll never have to worry about running out. Indulge your skin with the softness and care it deserves – make the switch to Diane DEE033 Cotton Squares today.
  • 100% pure cotton for gentle, skin-friendly use
  • 160-count pack for a lasting supply
  • Ideal for manicure, pedicure, and skincare applications
  • Reusable zip-top bag for convenient storage and organization
  • Standard 2.4-inch square size for versatile use
  • Soft, versatile, and easy-to-use
  • Perfect for both professionals and at-home users
  • High-quality, absorbent cotton material
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Affordable and effective nail care essential

Diane DEE033 Cotton Squares 160 Count Q&A

Are Diane Cotton Squares suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, they are made of 100% pure cotton, making them gentle and skin-friendly for all skin types.
Can these cotton squares be used for other skincare applications?
Absolutely, they are versatile and ideal for various skincare applications such as applying creams and removing makeup.
What is the size of the Diane Cotton Squares?
They come in a standard 2.4-inch square size.
How many cotton squares are in a pack?
Each pack of Diane Cotton Squares contains 160 squares.
Do the cotton squares come with any packaging?
Yes, they are packed in a reusable zip-top bag for convenient storage and organization.
Are these cotton squares suitable for professional use?
Yes, Diane Cotton Squares are perfect for both professionals and at-home users.
What can I use Diane Cotton Squares for?
They are ideal for manicure, pedicure, and other skincare applications.
Are the squares environmentally friendly?
Yes, they come in reusable zip-top packaging for an eco-friendly approach.
Is the cotton material absorbent?
Yes, Diane Cotton Squares are made of high-quality and absorbent cotton.
Do these squares fray or leave residue?
No, Diane Cotton Squares are designed to provide an effective, residue-free nail care experience.

Diane DEE033 Cotton Squares: The Must-Have Nail Care Essential

Introducing Diane Cotton Squares, the perfect addition to your nail care routine. Made from 100% pure cotton, these gentle, skin-friendly squares let you enjoy a soothing manicure and pedicure experience.

Diane Cotton Squares come in a standard 2.4-inch size, ideal for nail polish removal, applying creams, and other skincare applications. With 160 squares in a pack, you'll have plenty on hand for your beauty needs.

Keep your nail care essentials organized with the convenient, reusable zip-top bag that comes with Diane Cotton Squares. This eco-friendly packaging option helps you stay organized and minimize waste.

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