• Zip Cord Lamp Wire, 18/2 Spt-1, White 100' Roll
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Zip Cord Lamp Wire, 18/2 Spt-1, White 100' Roll

by Univen Item #: CO-ZIPWH-100
Illuminate Your Home with Ease
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This 18/2 SPT-1 white 100' roll gives you a generous length to work with, ensuring that you always have the right amount of wire for any project.

The bulk lamp cord is crafted with a high-quality 18/2 SPT-1 construction, providing enhanced strength, durability, and electrical performance. This lamp cord replacement is perfect for those looking to revitalize their existing devices or create custom lighting solutions.

Our white 100' roll lamp cord wire is not only versatile and reliable but also aesthetically pleasing. The clean, crisp white color blends seamlessly with any d├ęcor, ensuring that your cords never look out of place.

The zip cord lamp cord design makes it incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to easily separate and strip the wires without any hassle. This means quicker installations or repairs, getting your appliances and devices up and running faster than ever.

Choose our top-quality lamp cords, and experience the difference in performance, reliability, and convenience. Upgrade your home's lighting and appliances today with the exceptional Zip Cord Lamp Wire, 18/2 SPT-1, white 100' roll. Embrace the brilliance and invest in a product that will keep your world glowing for years to come.
  • 100' roll of 18/2 SPT-1 wire
  • Designed for household appliances
  • Ideal for use in lamps, radios, and fans
  • White color for seamless integration
  • User-friendly design for easy installation
  • Increases efficiency in DIY projects
  • Elevate your home's illumination
  • Convenient and versatile
  • Improve the ambiance in your living space
  • Upgrade your home's lighting system

Zip Cord Lamp Wire, 18/2 Spt-1, White 100' Roll Q&A

What household appliances can this wire be used for?
The wire is ideal for lamps, radios, fans, and clocks.
Does the white color blend well with most decors?
Yes, its white color seamlessly integrates with various home styles.
What is the length of the wire?
The wire is available in a 100' roll.
What type of wire is this?
This is an 18/2 SPT-1 Lamp Cord.
Is this wire suitable for DIY projects?
Yes, the user-friendly design makes it perfect for DIY projects.
Can this wire improve my home's lighting?
Yes, the Zip Cord Lamp Wire will elevate your home's lighting experience.
Is it easy to install the Zip Cord Lamp Wire?
Yes, the wire's design allows for an easy and hassle-free installation.
What benefits can I expect from using this wire?
Expect improved illumination, versatility, and efficiency in your home.
How can this wire make my DIY projects more efficient?
The wire's user-friendly nature makes projects quicker and more enjoyable.
Is this wire intended for use exclusively indoors?
Yes, the wire is designed specifically for household appliances.

Zip Cord Lamp Wire 18/2 SPT-1 White 100' Roll: Enhance Your Home's Lighting

Elevate your home's lighting with the convenience and versatility of the Zip Cord Lamp Wire. This 18/2 SPT-1, white 100' roll is perfect for various household appliances, making it a great addition to your DIY toolbox.

The user-friendly design of the Zip Cord Lamp Wire allows for easy installation, giving new life to your lamps, radios, fans, and more. Upgrade the illumination in your home and experience the difference.

Don't struggle with complicated wiring when updating your home's lighting. Choose the Zip Cord Lamp Wire for a seamless and hassle-free experience, making your DIY projects more enjoyable and efficient.

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