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Jiffy Steamer 0511 J-2I Classic Multipurpose Personal Steamer
In Stock
Say goodbye to fiddling with temperature settings on your iron, as the Jiffy Steamer ensures optimal performance without any hassle.<br><br>The J-2I Classic model comes complete with the Jiffy Interch...
Jiffy Steamer 1330 J-4000I Commercial Multipurpose Steamer 7.5' Hose
ITEM: JF-J4000I-7
In Stock
Equipped with the innovative Jiffy Interchangeable Kit, this powerful steamer allows you to effortlessly switch between four different steam head attachments, making it perfect for tackling even the m...
Jiffy Steamer J-4000C Pro-line Commercial Carpet Steamer
In Stock
This commercial-grade steamer is specifically designed to cater to all your carpet installation and dent removal needs while providing exceptional steaming performance.<br><br>The J-4000C boasts a rob...
Jiffy Steamer 1401 JF-4000I Commercial Multipurpose Steamer 5.5' Hose
ITEM: JF-J4000I-5
In Stock
Introducing the Jiffy Steamer 1401 JF-4000I Commercial Multipurpose Steamer with a 5.5' Hose, your ultimate solution for tackling the most challenging commercial steaming tasks. Equipped with the Jiff...
Jiffy Steamer 0541 J-2B Classic Personal Cleaning Steamer
In Stock
This versatile steamer is equipped with a specialty brush steam head attachment, designed to skillfully scrub out even the toughest dirt and stains. Say goodbye to chemicals and sprays, as the powerfu...
Jiffy Steamer 1251 J-2000I Personal Multipurpose Steamer
In Stock
Say goodbye to the hassle of temperature settings on traditional irons, as this dynamic steamer will make quick work of refreshing and reviving various fabrics and surfaces with ease.<br><br>The J-200...
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