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Diane by Fromm D718 Processing Caps 360 Count
ITEM: FM-D718-12PK
In Stock
This pack of 360 versatile, one-size-fits-all caps is designed to cater to all your hair care needs, whether it's perms, conditioners, or coloring.<br><br>Made with premium materials, the Diane by Fro...
Diane by Fromm D461 Black Jumbo Pins 100 Pack
In Stock
These 2-1/2" bob pins are designed to provide maximum hold and versatility for all your hair creations. Ideal for all hair types, lengths, and textures, these jumbo pins boast incredible durability an...
Diane by Fromm D932 European Foot File 12 Pack
ITEM: FM-D932-12PK
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
Expertly crafted from high-quality European beechwood, this durable foot file is designed to last, ensuring your feet stay pampered and well-groomed for longer.<br><br>Featuring a versatile 2-sided de...
Diane by Fromm D722 Processing Caps 100 Count
In Stock
These top-quality processing caps are specifically designed to cater to the needs of salon professionals and colorists, ensuring perfect perms, vibrant coloring, and deeply nourishing conditioners eve...
Diane by Fromm D17C Double Prong Clips 10 Pack
In Stock
Diane by Fromm D17C Double Prong Clips 10 Pack. 1-3/4" double prong clips. 10 pack.
Diane by Fromm D847 Applicator Bottle 4 Ounce
In Stock
This 4-ounce all-purpose applicator bottle is perfect for hair color application, hair treatments, and even DIY beauty concoctions. No task is too big or too small for this versatile bottle.<br><br>Ma...
Diane by Fromm D9850 Black and Gold Neck Duster
ITEM: FM-D9850
In Stock
This premium neck duster is designed with high-quality goat bristles that gently sweep away loose hair, providing a clean and polished finish after every haircut. The black and gold design adds a touc...
Diane by Fromm D16 Large Control Clips 3 Pack
In Stock
These 6" large control clips come in a pack of 3 assorted vibrant colors, adding a touch of excitement to your styling routine. Designed to provide maximum grip and control, these clips are perfect fo...
Diane 45015 Softees Gray Microfiber Towels 10 Pack
ITEM: FM-45015
In Stock
These high-quality towels are not only super-soft but also boast incredible durability, absorbency, and stain resistance thanks to their Duraguard technology.<br><br>Experience the benefits of Diane S...
Diane D729 Disposable Extend-A-Cap with Needle
In Stock
This pack of 12 disposable extend-a-caps is specifically designed to offer you a hassle-free and hygienic experience. With a built-in needle, these caps will make your process of applying hair treatme...
Diane by Fromm D853 Applicator Bottle 8 Ounce
In Stock
This versatile applicator bottle is designed to make your life easier while ensuring that you get the most out of your hair treatments.<br><br>The 8-ounce capacity of the Diane by Fromm D853 Applicato...
Diane by Fromm D718 Processing Caps 30 Count
In Stock
Available in a one-size-fits-all design, these processing caps are perfect for all your hair care needs, including perms, conditioners, and coloring.<br><br>Featuring a snug and comfortable fit, these...
Diane D787 Black Pro Zippered Stylist Jacket Large
In Stock
Diane D787 Black Pro Zippered Stylist Jacket Large. The Diane Barber Jacket with Zipper is a water repellent stylist jacket of 100% crinkle nylon. The jacket has a zip front and two front pockets and...
Diane by Fromm D13 Large Butterfly Clamps 12 Pack
In Stock
This 12-pack of 3-1/4" clamps in classic black and white will be your go-to hair accessory for versatile and effortless styling. These clamps are designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip, ens...
Fromm 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels 10 Pack
ITEM: FM-45006
In Stock
Super absorbent Softees lift water particles and lock them deep within the fibers; after being towel dried, hair requires less blow dry time which reduces heat damage and frizziness. Part of the Studi...
Diane by Fromm D210C Duck Bill Clips 12 Pack
In Stock
These 3.5" duck bill clips are designed to provide a strong and secure grip on your hair, making them perfect for sectioning, styling, and holding your hair in place. The unique shape of these clips e...
Diane D8320 Terry Cloth Neck Strips 36 Pack
ITEM: FM-D8320
In Stock
Made from 100% pure cotton, these high-quality neck strips provide exceptional softness and absorbency to keep your client dry and comfortable during shampooing or other salon treatments.<br><br>The d...
Diane D9851 Large Neck Duster
ITEM: FM-D9851
In Stock
The soft nylon bristles effortlessly brush off hair around the neckline and ears, ensuring a clean and fresh appearance every time. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort, as these gentle bristles a...
Diane by Fromm D847 Applicator Bottle 4 Ounce 12 PACK
ITEM: FM-D847-12PK
In Stock
These 4-ounce all-purpose applicator bottles are designed to elevate your styling experience, making it easier, faster, and more enjoyable.<br><br>Gone are the days of struggling with messy and imprec...
Diane by Fromm D17 Double Prong Clips 80 Pack
In Stock
These 1-34" double prong clips are designed to provide exceptional hold and control, ensuring that your hair stays in place throughout the day.<br><br>Say goodbye to constant readjusting and hello to...
Diane by Fromm D14 Small Butterfly Clamps 12 Pack
In Stock
These 2-1/4" small butterfly clamps are designed to provide a strong, secure hold for all hair types, making styling a breeze.<br><br>Available in a chic black and white color combination, these clamp...
Diane D786 Black Pro Stylist Zippered Jacket Medium
In Stock
Specially designed for professional stylists, this chic black jacket is crafted from 100% crinkle nylon, ensuring water repellency and durability for those long days at the salon.<br><br>The sleek zip...
Diane by Fromm D462 Bronze Jumbo Pins 100 Pack
In Stock
Measuring at an impressive 2-1/2" in length, these bob pins ensure a secure and reliable hold for even the most intricate and elaborate hairstyles.<br><br>Made from high-quality bronze material, these...
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