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  • Fromm 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels 10 Pack
  • Fromm 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels 10 Pack
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  • Fromm 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels 10 Pack
  • Fromm 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels 10 Pack

Fromm 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels 10 Pack

by Fromm Item #: FM-45006
Discover the Power of Durability and Stain Resistance
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Super absorbent Softees lift water particles and lock them deep within the fibers; after being towel dried, hair requires less blow dry time which reduces heat damage and frizziness. Part of the Studio Experience™ collection. Soft, friction-free material is gentle and non-abrasive on fragile wet hair and skin. Light Microfiber dries 3 times faster than cotton. Ultra-durable withstands frequent machine wasing and lasts up to 6 times longer than cotton towels. Lint-free. Each towel measures 16" wide x 29" long.
  • Duraguard technology for enhanced durability
  • Ultra-absorbent and stain resistant
  • Ideal for hair care and beauty purposes
  • Super-soft, gentle fabric for delicate surfaces
  • Non-streaking towels for flawless cleaning
  • Perfect for car, boat, or home use
  • Hard-wearing, versatile, and multipurpose
  • 10 pack for extended use and convenience
  • Impressive quality for a fair price
  • Great gift for family and friends

Fromm 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels 10 Pack Q&A

What makes Diane 45006 Softees unique?
The Duraguard technology ensures exceptional durability, absorbency, and stain resistance.
Can these towels be used for cleaning purposes?
Yes, they are perfect for cleaning mirrors and surfaces, as well as washing cars and boats without streaking.
Are these microfiber towels safe for all hair types?
Yes, the super-soft fabric makes them suitable for all hair types and beauty needs.
How many towels come in a pack?
Each pack contains 10 Diane 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels.
What is the primary use for these towels?
They are designed for hair care and beauty needs, but are also excellent for various cleaning tasks.
Are these towels prone to shedding?
No, the hard-wearing design ensures minimal shedding, offering a long-lasting product.
What is the size of each towel?
The dimensions of the towels have not been provided, but they are suitable for everyday hair care and cleaning tasks.
Do the towels come in any other colors?
This listing is specifically for the black Softees Microfiber Towels. Other colors may be available separately.
Can these towels be easily washed and cared for?
Yes, they can be conveniently laundered and cared for, ensuring a durable product with continued use.
Is this product a suitable gift for a loved one?
Absolutely! The high-quality, multipurpose towels make an excellent gift for anyone who values usefulness and versatility in their personal items.

Diane 45006 Softees: Transform Your Hair Care and Cleaning with Microfiber Towels

Experience the exceptional quality of Diane 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels, designed specifically for hair care and beauty needs. These super-soft, hard-wearing towels provide remarkable absorbency and stain resistance, making everyday tasks a breeze.

Explore the versatility of Diane 45006 Softees Microfiber Towels with their Duraguard technology. These luxurious towels are perfect for all your hair care needs, and their non-streaking property ensures flawless cleaning of mirrors or surfaces.

Upgrade to Diane 45006 Softees Black Microfiber Towels for a reliable and efficient solution for both hair care and household needs. These towels are perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one who appreciates high-quality, multipurpose products.

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