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Hair Stylers

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Conair 2013NR InfPRO Ultra-High Heat Hot Comb
In Stock
These innovative hot combs are designed to give you salon-quality results right at home, making it easier than ever to achieve the perfect look for any occasion.<br><br>The uniform heat recovery syste...
Conair SD6RN Ion Shine 1875 Styler
In Stock
With 1875 watts of power, this styler is designed to provide quick and efficient drying and styling, making your morning routine faster and easier.<br><br>The double port ionic delivery system ensures...
Conair BC86N Hot Heat Brush, 1-1/4
In Stock
This innovative hair styler offers an impressive 25 temperature control settings, ensuring that you can find the perfect heat level to suit your unique hair type and desired style.<br><br>The Conair B...
Conair Bc171N Hot Air Brush
In Stock
This versatile styling tool is designed to give your hair the shine, volume, and bounce you desire while keeping it healthy and protected.<br><br>The Conair BC171N features a 1-1/4" ceramic-coated bri...
Conair BM20RN Hot Air Brush
In Stock
With 150 watts of power, this incredible tool offers the perfect balance of heat and precision to create a variety of stunning hairstyles.<br><br>The cool shot button is the secret weapon to lock in y...
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