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Wahl 8483 Pilot Hair Clipper
ITEM: WH-8483
In Stock
This compact clipper packs all the performance you expect from a Wahl full-size clipper into a sleek, two-thirds smaller design. Effortlessly fitting in the palm of your hand, this clipper provides ul...
Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade
ITEM: WH-2228
In Stock
This unique blade provides a smooth, blunt cut, ensuring your clipper becomes your go-to tool for precise and professional results.<br><br>The 2228 Wedge Blade features deep teeth and an extended blad...
Wahl 97791 5 Star Barber Cape
ITEM: WH-97791
In Stock
Designed to provide a luxurious experience for both stylist and client, this cape boasts impressive features that elevate it above the competition. The snap closure ensures a secure and adjustable fit...
Wahl 2161 Stagger Tooth Clipper Blade for 8148 Magic Clip
ITEM: WH-2161
In Stock
Designed to fit the Wahl 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip Clipper, this exceptional blade provides a superior cutting experience that will leave you feeling like a professional.<br><br>The innovative Crunch...
Wahl 41584-7220 T-cut Detachable Clipper Blade fits ChroMini
ITEM: WH-41584-7220
In Stock
The #41854-7220 Quick Detach Trimmer T-Blade is the ultimate solution for all your grooming needs, ensuring you achieve a flawless trim around the face, ears, and neckline every time.<br><br>The T-sha...
Wahl 7031-300 Close Silver Replacement Foil
ITEM: WH-7031-300
In Stock
Designed exclusively for the Wahl 5-Star 8091 and 8547 shavers, this replacement foil ensures that you can achieve the closest and smoothest shave possible, every single time.<br><br>The Wahl 7031-300...
Wahl 7043 Finale Replacement Shaver Foil Screen and Cutter Blade
ITEM: WH-7043
In Stock
Designed specifically for the Wahl Finale shaver, this dynamic duo of a foil screen and cutter blade ensures your grooming routine remains efficient, precise, and comfortable.<br><br>The innovative fo...
Wahl 3354-1000 Professional 1/16" Premium Cutting Guide with Metal Clip
ITEM: WH-3354-1000
In Stock
Designed specifically for professionals, this cutting guide is all about delivering top-notch performance and exceptional durability.<br><br>With its metal clip construction, the Wahl Premium Cutting...
Wahl 4196-1201 Heat Therapy Therapeutic Massager
ITEM: WH-4196-1201
In Stock
Designed to cater to your specific needs, this versatile massager boasts five interchangeable attachments that target different massage styles, including heat, four finger flex, accupoint, raised bump...
Wahl 8180 Hair Clipper Barber Combo
ITEM: WH-8180
In Stock
This amazing combo includes the 5 Star Legend Clipper and the 5 Star Hero Trimmer, providing you with a seamless and professional barber experience at home.<br><br>The 5 Star Legend Clipper is designe...
Wahl 8148 Cord/Cordless 5-Star Magic Clip Lithium Ion Fade Clipper
ITEM: WH-8148
In Stock
This innovative clipper is perfect for creating seamless blends when hard or soft line fading, bulk hair removal, and offers freedom and control in the palm of your hand. Its unique stagger-tooth blad...
Wahl 5567-200 Ear, Nose & Brow 2-in-1 Trimmer
ITEM: WH-5567-200
In Stock
Experience the freedom of hassle-free grooming with this Wet/Dry Personal Trimmer that is cordless and battery-operated, allowing you to trim and maintain your appearance with ease and convenience.<br...
Wahl 8470-500 Super Taper Ii Hair Clippers
ITEM: WH-8470-500
In Stock
Empowered by a robust B-5000 motor, these full-size hair clippers deliver outstanding cutting power while maintaining a lightweight and cool-running operation.<br><br>Designed to be both styler friend...
Wahl 8147 8492 5-Star Legend Wide Range Fade Clipper
ITEM: WH-8492
In Stock
With its v9000 motor, this clipper outshines the competition by running faster and cooler, making it an eco-friendly choice for your grooming needs.<br><br>The innovative crunch blade technology ensur...
Wahl 3354-1300 Professional 1/8" Premium Cutting Guide with Metal Clip
ITEM: WH-3354-1300
In Stock
A tool crafted for professionals, this cutting guide ensures maximum performance and delivers a level of quality that only Wahl can provide.<br><br>The Wahl Professional Premium Cutting Guide with Met...
Wahl 2215 T Blade
ITEM: WH-2215
In Stock
With its specially designed adjustable T-Wide Blade, experience an extremely close trim that leaves a crisp, clean line to satisfy even your most discerning customers. Say goodbye to time-consuming gr...
Wahl 8591 Cordless Designer Clipper
ITEM: WH-8591
In Stock
Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited movement, as this powerhouse clipper offers all the speed and power you expect from a corded Wahl clipper, but in a significantly lighter and sleeker design.<b...
Wahl 7043-100 Finale Replacement Shaver Foil Screen
ITEM: WH-7043-100
In Stock
Specifically designed for the 5 Star Finale, this replacement Super Close foil and cutter ensures that you achieve that smooth, close shave you've been longing for.<br><br>The unique design of the foi...
Wahl 4120 Professional Series 2 Speed Massager With 3 Attachments
ITEM: WH-4120-1701
In Stock
Designed to relieve pain and fatigue while increasing circulation, this powerful massager is perfect for those who seek immediate relief from the stresses and strains of daily life.<br><br>With two sp...
Wahl 8164 Finale 5 Star Electric Shaver
ITEM: WH-8164
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
Powered by an advanced Lithium-Ion battery, this shaver offers a remarkable 90+ minute run time, ensuring you never have to worry about your shaver dying mid-shave again.<br><br>The powerful rotary mo...
Wahl 5567-500 Ear, Nose & Brow Trimmer
ITEM: WH-5567-500
In Stock
With hygienic steel rotary blades, this Wet/Dry trimmer ensures a clean and precise trimming experience, leaving you feeling confident and well-groomed.<br><br>Tackle unwanted hair effortlessly, as th...
Wahl 5537-420 Mustache Beard and Nose Trimmer Kit
ITEM: WH-5537-420
In Stock
This battery-operated powerhouse comes with a bonus nose, ear, and brow trimmer, ensuring you look sharp and well-groomed from every angle.<br><br>Experience precision like never before with the cordl...
Wahl 3171-500 8 Pack Premium Clipper Cutting Guide Combs with Tray
ITEM: WH-3171-500
In Stock
As part of Wahl Professionals line of products, these Premium Black Cutting Guides are designed specifically for use with Wahl Professional full-sized clippers (excluding detachable blade clippers), e...
Wahl 3354-1100 Professional 3/16" Premium Cutting Guide with Metal Clip
ITEM: WH-3354-1100
In Stock
As part of Wahl Professionals commercial grade line, this cutting guide is specifically crafted for professional use, ensuring that your haircuts will be nothing short of exceptional.<br><br>The Wahl...
Wahl #1 Nylon Clipper Guide Comb, 1/8"
In Stock
This top-notch accessory from Wahl Professional's commercial grade line offers the sharp performance that industry experts demand, ensuring exceptional results every time.<br><br>Say goodbye to slippi...
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