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  • Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade
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Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade

by Wahl Item #: WH-2228
Experience Smoother, Seamless Blends with the 2228 Wedge Blade
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This unique blade provides a smooth, blunt cut, ensuring your clipper becomes your go-to tool for precise and professional results.

The 2228 Wedge Blade features deep teeth and an extended blade lever, allowing for an impressive, longer blend range. This makes it perfect for soft line fading and creating seamless blends, ensuring your clients will leave your chair with a flawless finish every time.

Included in the package is one 2228 Wedge Blade, oil, screws, and easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Please note that this blade is designed to work exclusively with the extended lever found on the #8147 5 Star Legend Clipper.

Proudly made in the USA, the Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade is a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Elevate your skills and let your creativity soar with this game-changing addition to your professional toolkit. Don't settle for anything less than the best – choose the Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade today.
  • Designed exclusively for the #8147 5 Star Legend Clipper
  • Smooth blunt cuts and seamless blends
  • Extended blade lever for a longer blend range
  • Deep teeth for sharp, precise cutting
  • Ideal for soft line fading
  • Easy installation with included screws
  • Comes with oil and instructions for maintenance
  • High-quality, made in the USA
  • Upgrade your clipper for improved performance
  • Versatile for use in a variety of modern hairstyles

Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade Q&A

Does the 2228 Wedge Blade fit other clippers?
No, it is designed exclusively for the #8147 5 Star Legend Clipper.
What kind of cuts can the Wedge Blade create?
The blade is designed for smooth blunt cuts, soft line fading, and seamless blends.
Is the blade difficult to install?
No, it comes with screws, oil, and instructions for easy installation.
What is the advantage of the extended blade lever?
The extended blade lever allows for a longer blend range and increased precision.
Can I use the Wedge Blade for various hairstyles?
Yes, it is versatile and suitable for a wide range of modern hairstyles.
Does the blade come with any maintenance tools?
Yes, it includes oil and instructions for proper maintenance.
What is the main feature of the 2228 Wedge Blade?
The blade has deep teeth for sharp, precise cutting and blends.
Is the 2228 Wedge Blade made in the USA?
Yes, it is made in the USA for excellent quality and durability.
Will the blade perform well on my 5 Star Legend Clipper?
Yes, it is designed specifically for the #8147 5 Star Legend Clipper for optimum performance.
What do I need to install the blade on my clipper?
The package includes screws and instructions to easily install the blade on your clipper.

Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade: Enhance Your 5 Star Legend Clipper

Upgrade your #8147 5 Star Legend Clipper with the Wahl 2228 Wedge Blade and experience smoother, seamless blends with ease. This innovative blade features deep teeth and an extended blade lever, allowing for a longer blend range and soft line fading.

The 2228 Wedge Blade is designed specifically for use with the #8147 5 Star Legend Clipper, providing exceptional performance and precision. This blade is ideal for creating smooth blunt cuts, perfect for modern hairstyles.

Made in the USA, the 2228 Wedge Blade comes complete with oil, screws, and instructions, making it easy to install and maintain. Add this high-quality blade to your clipper for superior results and enhanced durability.

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