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Jiffy Steamer Accessories

Find all your Jiffy Steamer accessories, attachments and extras here. Goodman's carries a complete line of Jiffy Steamer add-ons, steamer extras, steamer hoses, steamer heads, steamer cleaner, scented spray, garment hangers, steamer lint brush and more.
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Jiffy Steamer 0251 Complete Hose 5.5' With Plastic Head
ITEM: JF-0251
In Stock
Introducing the Jiffy Steamer 0251 complete hose 5.5' with plastic head, the perfect solution for a wrinkle-free wardrobe, designed to make your life easier and your garments look impeccably fresh. Co...
Jiffy Steamer 0253 Plastic Steam Head and Handle
ITEM: JF-0253
In Stock
Designed to fit all Jiffy Steamer models, this fantastic product elevates your steaming experience by providing unbeatable performance and convenience.<br><br>The Jiffy Steamer 0253 features a lightwe...
Jiffy Steamer 0254 Complete Hose With Metal Head
ITEM: JF-0254
In Stock
This premium attachment boasts a 6-inch metal steam head, ensuring durability and even distribution of steam to effectively remove wrinkles and refresh your fabrics. The comfortable wooden handle allo...
Jiffy Steamer 0256 Metal Steam Head With Wooden Handle
ITEM: JF-0256
In Stock
This high-quality steam head is your ticket to wrinkle-free, professionally steamed clothing that will have you looking your best at all times.<br><br>The robust metal construction of the steam head e...
Jiffy Steamer 0262 Steamer Wig Hose Attachment
ITEM: JF-0262
In Stock
This innovative and high-quality curved pipe hose attachment allows you to achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.<br><br>Designed for compatibility and interchangeability with...
Jiffy 0619 Voltage Converter for Jiffy Esteam
ITEM: JF-0619
In Stock
With unparalleled performance and reliability, this voltage converter enables you to use your Jiffy Esteam steamer anywhere in the world with ease and confidence.<br><br>The Jiffy 0619 Voltage Convert...
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