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  • Jiffy Steamer J-2m Garment Clothes Steamer
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Jiffy Steamer J-2m Garment Clothes Steamer

by Jiffy Steamer Item #: JF-J2M
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Jiffy J-2M clothes steamer, 1300 watts with metal steam head. The powerful Jiffy J-2 Steamer. Use it on clothing, drapery, furniture and any fabric to remove wrinkles quickly and easily. Steamers remove wrinkles while being gentle on the fabric. Your J-2 Jiffy Steamer with proper maintenance will last through years of demanding use. Warm, moist steam removes wrinkles from your personal wardrobe helping to reduce dry cleaning bills. Care for delicate and difficult-to-treat apparel in a matter of minutes. Hang pants by the cuff for quick and easy wrinkle removal. Cast aluminum housing unit for durability. Lightweight, flexible hose. Shatterproof water bottle. Safety wiring feature temporarily turns the unit off when it runs dry. Removes wrinkles up to five times faster than conventional ironing. Easy-roll casters for mobility. Numerous available attachments. Made in the USA. Includes a Jiffy Steamer 3-year Limited Product Warranty.
  • 1300 watts of power for fast, efficient wrinkle removal
  • Cast aluminum housing for long-lasting durability
  • Lightweight, flexible hose and easy-roll casters provide mobility
  • Auto-shutoff function prevents damage when run dry
  • Includes Jiffy Steamer 3-year Limited Product Warranty

Jiffy Steamer J-2m Garment Clothes Steamer Q&A

How does the Jiffy J-2M Steamer compare to traditional ironing?
The Jiffy J-2M Steamer removes wrinkles up to five times faster than conventional ironing, making it a much more efficient and convenient option for wrinkle-free clothing and fabrics.
Can the Jiffy J-2M be used on delicate fabrics?
Yes, the Jiffy J-2M Steamer is gentle on fabrics, making it ideal for treating delicate and hard-to-iron apparel without risk of damage.
How portable and maneuverable is the Jiffy J-2M Steamer?
With its lightweight design, flexible hose, and easy-roll casters, the Jiffy J-2M Steamer offers excellent portability and maneuverability, allowing you to take it anywhere in your home or office.
What safety features does the Jiffy J-2M Steamer have?
For added safety, the Jiffy J-2M Steamer includes an auto-shutoff function that temporarily turns the unit off when it runs dry, preventing potential damage.
What is the warranty coverage for the Jiffy J-2M Steamer?
The Jiffy J-2M Steamer comes with a 3-year limited product warranty, ensuring your investment is protected for years of reliable performance.
Elevating your wardrobe care, the powerful Jiffy J-2M Garment Steamer effortlessly banishes wrinkles from a wide array of fabrics. Beyond clothing, it's a versatile tool that can tackle drapery, upholstery, and more, restoring a smooth, pristine appearance with warm, gentle steam. Built to last with a durable cast aluminum housing, this steamer's lightweight, flexible hose and easy-roll casters enable seamless maneuverability around the home or office. With safety features like auto-shutoff when running dry, the Jiffy J-2M prioritizes both convenience and peace of mind. Treat delicate garments with the care they deserve, reduce costly dry cleaning bills, and maintain a professional, polished look - all with the help of this made-in-the-USA steamer's impressive performance.

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