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  • Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-lock Clipper Blade
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Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-lock Clipper Blade

by Wahl Item #: WH-1026-001
Discover the Wahl Adjusto-Lock Clipper Blade
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This close cut 0000 blade set is perfect for professional hairstylists and pet groomers, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for both you and your clients, be it two-legged or four-legged.

The Adjusto-Lock blade set is compatible with a range of Wahl clipper models, including the "Designer 6" (8355-100) and "Senior" (8500), as well as all full-size professional clippers manufactured after 1991, except the Solid Small (8100). This versatility makes it the perfect addition to your existing Wahl collection or a great starting point for a new one.

Whether you're looking for dog clippers, hair clippers, or trimmers, the Wahl 1026-001 blade set has got you covered. With its 3-hole design and exceptional build quality, it will elevate your cutting and grooming game to new heights.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your Wahl trimmers and clippers. Invest in the Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-lock Clipper Blade and experience the difference that comes with quality, precision, and unbeatable performance. Upgrade your toolkit today and let the results speak for themselves.
  • Fits Wahl Designer 6, Senior and other professional clippers
  • Close cut 0000 blade for precise results
  • Easy to install and use
  • High-quality, long-lasting material
  • Ideal for professional or home use

Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-lock Clipper Blade Q&A

Can I use the Wahl 1026-001 blade with my Wahl Designer 6 Clipper?
Yes, the Adjusto-Lock Blade fits perfectly on Wahl Designer 6 Clippers.
What type of cut can I expect with the close cut 0000 blade?
With the close cut 0000 blade, you can expect precise, professional-level, and close haircut results.
Is the Adjusto-Lock Blade easy to install onto my compatible clippers?
Yes, the Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-Lock Blade is user-friendly and easy to install on your compatible clippers.
What clippers are incompatible with this blade?
The blade is not compatible with the Solid Small (8100) clipper.
Can I use the Adjusto-Lock Blade for both professional and home use?
Absolutely, the blade is perfect for both professional and home use, offering precise haircuts every time.
Does this blade fit the Wahl Senior Clippers?
Yes, the adjusto-lock blade is compatible with Wahl Senior (8500) Clippers.
Is the Adjusto-Lock Blade durable and long-lasting?
Yes, the Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-Lock Blade is made of high-quality material for durability and longevity.
When can I start experiencing the benefits of this blade?
Start experiencing the benefits of the Adjusto-Lock Blade as soon as you install it onto your compatible clippers.
Is this blade suitable for hairstylists and barbers?
Yes, the close cut 0000 blade is perfect for hairstylists and barbers, offering professional haircut results with every use.
Can I rely on this blade outperforming my old clipper blades?
Definitely! The Adjusto-Lock Blade is designed for precision, durability, and maximum grooming efficiency – so you can trust it to outperform your old blades!

Upgrade to Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-Lock Clipper Blade Today

Experience the difference with the Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-Lock Clipper Blade, a high-quality close cut 0000 blade designed to fit the Wahl Designer 6, Senior, and other full-size professional clippers manufactured after 1991.

Whether you're a professional hairstylist or simply want the best grooming tools at your disposal, don't settle for less. Discover the Wahl 1026-001 Adjusto-Lock Clipper Blade, designed for precision haircuts, and maximum grooming efficiency.

Upgrade your beloved clippers with the Adjusto-Lock Blade 1026-001 to ensure they remain sharp and dependable, offering you the haircuts you deserve. Say goodbye to dull blades and uncertain outcomes.

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