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  • Conair HC102R Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit, 12-pieces
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Conair HC102R Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit, 12-pieces

by Conair Item #: CN-HC102RGB
Get Salon-Quality Cuts At Home or Abroad
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This versatile kit is perfect for both beard clippers and beard trimmers, ensuring that you always look your best, wherever you may be.

The best hair clipper in its class, the Conair HC102R is a full-powered dual volt clipper that can be used in any country simply by pressing a switch. This makes it the perfect gift for anyone in the armed forces or those who love to travel.

Achieve a professional haircut with the 5-detent taper control, which allows you to customize your cut with precision. The diamond-sharpened carbon steel blades ensure a clean and even cut every time, making the HC102R a must-have clipper for hair cutting enthusiasts.

The kit comes with 4 comb attachments – 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" – allowing you to achieve a variety of hair lengths and styles. It's not just limited to hair clippers and hair trimmers, as this versatile haircutting kit is also perfect for beard and mustache grooming.

Included in the set are a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, blade guard, scissors, barber comb, convenient travel pouch, cape, and Spanish/English instruction booklet. This all-in-one haircutting kit is the ultimate solution for all your grooming needs.

Say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to the convenience of the Conair HC102RGB Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit. Whether you are a professional or just love to maintain your own hair, this powerful and easy-to-use clipper is the perfect addition to your grooming arsenal. Get ready to embrace your new look with confidence and style.
  • Compact and travel-friendly design
  • Dual voltage for use in any country
  • 5-detent taper control for precise cuts
  • Diamond-sharpened carbon steel blades for durability
  • Four comb attachments for various hair lengths
  • Cleaning and maintenance tools included
  • Ideal gift for armed forces personnel
  • Spanish/English instruction booklet for easy reference
  • Stylish and protective travel pouch
  • Usable across different hair types

Conair HC102R Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit, 12-pieces Q&A

Can I use this hair cutting kit anywhere in the world?
Yes, its dual voltage functionality allows it to be used in any country.
Is this kit suitable for beginners?
Absolutely, the kit includes an instruction booklet in both Spanish and English for guidance.
What types of hair can this kit be used on?
The kit is designed to work effectively on various hair types, textures, and lengths.
Are the blades sharp and durable?
Yes, the kit features diamond-sharpened carbon steel blades that provide long-lasting sharpness and durability.
What additional tools come with the kit?
The kit includes a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, blade guard, scissors, barber comb, and a cape.
How many comb attachments are included?
The kit comes with four comb attachments: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".
Can I store everything in the travel pouch?
Yes, the travel pouch is designed to hold all the kit components securely and conveniently.
Is the clipper easy to clean and maintain?
Yes, with the provided cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and blade guard, maintaining the clipper is simple and fuss-free.
What is the 5-detent taper control for?
The 5-detent taper control allows for precise adjustments and customization of cutting lengths.
Is this hair cutting kit a good gift option for someone in the armed forces?
Definitely, the compact and travel-friendly design makes it an ideal gift for armed forces personnel.

Conair HC102R: Your Go-to Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit

This 12-piece Conair HC102R Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit lets you enjoy salon-quality cuts from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. Its full-powered dual voltage clipper ensures compatibility with outlets in any country, so you never have to worry about compatibility issues while traveling.

The perfect gift for anyone in the armed forces or frequent travelers, this versatile hair cutting kit comes with everything you need to achieve desired styles, even on the go. Featuring 5-detent taper control, diamond-sharpened carbon steel blades, and four comb attachments, you can create various hair lengths with precision and ease.

The Conair hair cutting kit includes practical essentials like a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, blade guard, scissors, barber comb, and Spanish/English instruction booklet to ensure you have all the tools to maintain your clipper and achieve professional haircut results. All these items can be easily stored in the convenient travel pouch, so you can bring the kit with you wherever you go.

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