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Hair Clippers/Trimmers

The first electric clipper was developed on February 2, 1921 by the Wahl Clipper Corporation. This was the first clipper with the drive motor in the hand, rather than driven through a flexible shaft from a remote motor. This was a great improvement on former ways of cutting hair; the usual "scissors" took a long time and the electric clipper did the job in less than half the time. Goodman's carries a full line of electric hair clippers home and professional models by Oster, Wahl, Andis, Conair and more.
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Wahl 8483 Pilot Hair Clipper
ITEM: WH-8483
In Stock
Wahl 8483 Pilot Hair Clipper. Smaller is better. All the power and speed you would expect from a Wahl full size clipper, but now in two thirds of the size! This unit is easy to maneuver because it fit...
Conair HC102R Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit, 12-pieces
In Stock
Conair HC102RGB dual voltage hair cutting kit, 12-pieces. Full powered dual volt clipper can be used in any country simply by pressing a switch. Perfect gift for anyone in the armed forces. 5-detent t...
Wahl 8148 Cord/Cordless 5-Star Magic Clip Lithium Ion Fade Clipper
ITEM: WH-8148
In Stock
Wahl 8148 Cord/Cordless 5-Star Magic Clip Lithium Ion Fade Clipper. Designed For: Creating seamless blends when hard or soft line fading, bulk hair removal, freedom and control in the palm of your han...
Wahl 8180 Hair Clipper Barber Combo
ITEM: WH-8180
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
Wahl 8180 Hair Clipper Barber Combo. Combo includes the 5 Star Legend Clipper and the 5 Star Hero Trimmer. The 5 Star Legend comes equipped with a v9000 motor that runs faster and cooler than a standa...
Wahl 8147 8492 5-Star Legend Wide Range Fade Clipper
ITEM: WH-8492
In Stock
Wahl 8492 5-Star Legend Wide Range Electric Hair Clippers. Equipped with a v9000 motor, this clipper runs faster and cooler than a standard electromagnetic motor clipper making it energy efficient. Fe...
Wahl 8591 Cordless Designer Clipper
ITEM: WH-8591
In Stock
Wahl 8591 Cordless Designer Clipper. Wahls best selling full-size clipper goes cordless! All the power and speed you would expect from a corded Wahl clipper, but now without the cord! This unit is sig...
Conair Hc318RVW 22-piece Cord/cordless Haircut Kit
In Stock
Conair HC318RV 22-Piece Cord/Cordless Haircut Kit. This Conair 22-piece haircutting kit has what it takes to tame hair of all different types. Cut your own hair, your friends and/or your familys hair...
Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Adjustable Clipper
ITEM: OS-76023-510
In Stock
The Oster 76023-510 "Fast Feed" Clipper, with its high-quality features, meets all of your Clipper cut needs. Priced below the cost of many hand shears, this Clipper provides fast and accurate cutting...
Wahl 8051 Razor Edger Trimmer
ITEM: WH-8051
In Stock
Wahl 8051 Razor Edger trimmer. Compact, convenient size. Blades adjust to "Zero-Overlap". Exterior screw "tunes" trimmer. 8 foot heavy-duty professional cord. Includes: Pre-shave brush, styling...
Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clippers
ITEM: OS-76076
In Stock
Oster Classic 76 heavy duty clipper with detachable blade system. Designed for continuous professional use, the Classic 76 is built to outlast the competition. Its High performance Pro-power universal...
Wahl 8081 Detailer Trimmer, Burgundy
ITEM: WH-8081
In Stock
Wahl 8081 Detailer trimmer, burgundy. The next generation in trimming, lining and shaving is here! The sharp-looking Wahl Detailer is an AC Motor trimmer with more power than you can imagine! This...
Wahl 8400 Super Taper Hair Clipper W/bonus Guide Comb Set
ITEM: WH-8400
In Stock
Wahl 8400 Super Taper hair clipper. Comes with Wahl's new more powerful cooler running Shunt Motor. Designed to "do it all" for today's innovative stylist. Balanced design with a thumb-adjustable leve...
Wahl 8451 5 Star Magic Cllip Hair Clipper.
ITEM: WH-8451
In Stock
Wahlo 8451 5 Star Magic Clip hair clipper. Powerful yet cool-running V9000 motor. Lever adjust to fade, taper, and texture. High-precision blades adjust to "zero-overlap". 6 cutting guides 1/8" -...
Wahl 8655 New Peanut Trimmer
ITEM: WH-8655
In Stock
Wahl 8655 new Peanut hair trimmer. Wahl Peanut palm size trimmer 8655 has all the power of a full-size clipper, the Peanut is both small and lightweight at only 4 inches long and 4 ounces in weight....
Wahl 8329 Essentials Combo
ITEM: WH-8329
In Stock
Wahl 8329 Essentials combo. Taper 2000 clipper and AC trimmer. Wahl Professional Essentials Combo is a professional clipper and trimmer set for all your hair cutting needs. Combo set includes: Pro...
Wahl 8064-900 Half Pint
ITEM: WH-8064
In Stock
Wahl 8064-900 Half Pint battery-operated trimmer. 2 attachments. Quick and easy trims for beard, mustache, sideburns, and neckline. Power & precision in a palm size, battery-powered personal trimme...
Oster T-finisher Hair Trimmer
ITEM: OS-76059-010
In Stock
Oster T-Finisher trimmer. Whisper quiet pivot motor offers more power than other trimmers making it fast and efficient. T-blade is designed for trim work around ears, neck, beard and mustache. Compact...
Wahl 8991 Hero Trimmer
ITEM: WH-8991
In Stock
Wahl 8991 5 Star Hero hair trimmer. T-Blade Trimmer from Wahl. Corded and powerful, cuts hair with speed and ease. The proven all star blade lets you create custom styles with a compact size that let...
Wahl 8655-200 Peanut Trimmer, Black
ITEM: WH-8655-200
In Stock
Wahl 8655-200 Peanut hair trimmer, black. Wahl Pro Peanut Hair Trimmer is a professional quality unit that is smaller than the standard trimmer and has an attached finger ring for better grip and sta...
Wahl 8663 Cordless Peanut Trimmer
ITEM: WH-8663
In Stock
Wahl 8663 Peanut cordless hair trimmer. You will go nuts for the Wahl Pro Peanut hair clipper / trimmer. This Hair Clipper Looks like a real Peanut! ...with a new look and feel and extended motor lif...
Wahl 8545 5-star Senior Clipper
ITEM: WH-8545
In Stock
Wahl 8545 5-star senior clipper. Super powerful V9000 motor is quiet and cool-running. High-precision adjustable blades: high-impact metal case. Convenient thumb lever adjusts taper, fade, & textur...
Wahl 8472-850 Taper 2000 Clipper, Black
ITEM: WH-8472-850
In Stock
Wahl 8472-850 Tapper 2000 clipper, black. Professional vibrator clipper. 4 attachments. Includes oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, and operating instructions.
Wahl 8986 G Whiz Trimmer
ITEM: WH-8986
In Stock
Wahl 8986 G Whiz hair trimmer. The G-Whiz looks like a miniature Wahl clipper but cuts like an ultra-close trimmer! This battery-operated trimmer has a sharp look and close cutting ability. An adjus...
Oster Classic 76 Clippers. Bonus: Includes Blades 1, 2 & 000
In Stock
Oster Classic 76 heavy duty clipper with detachable blade system. Designed for continuous professional use, the Classic 76 is built to outlast the competition. Its High performance Pro-power universal...
Wahl 8242 Unicord Combo
ITEM: WH-8242
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
Wahl 8242 Unicord combo. Includes clippers, trimmer, cutting guides, blade guards, cleaning brush, oil, and operating Instructions.
This department contains a wide range of hair clippers and trimmers including Andis clippers, Andis trimmers, Oster hair clippers & trimmers, clippers by Conair, Remington, Wahl, and more! At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices, and good service!
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