• Conair Hc318RVW 22-piece Cord/cordless Haircut Kit
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Conair Hc318RVW 22-piece Cord/cordless Haircut Kit

by Conair Item #: CN-HC318RV
Showcase Your Cutting Skills with Conair's Ultimate Haircutting Kit
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Whether you're a professional or simply looking to maintain your own hair, this versatile kit is perfect for everyone.

Featuring long-lasting, self-sharpening steel blades, you can trust in the durability and precision of this haircut kit. With 5-position taper control and 50 different cutting positions, this kit offers a vast array of hairstyles, ensuring you always have the perfect cut.

Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to flexibility with the Ultra Cut's optional power cord and rechargeable battery. Use the clipper cordless for a hassle-free experience, or with the cord for longer periods of use. The included AC-DC adapter ensures fast charging, so you're always ready for a trim.

Constructed with durable steel, the blades are designed to stay sharp for an extended period, eliminating the frustration of dull blades. Achieve a precise edge with these high-quality, long-lasting blades, and enjoy the ergonomic design for a sure grip and complete maneuverability around the head.

The thumb-adjustable taper control allows you to cut at multiple lengths with a simple flip of the lever, making this clipper incredibly user-friendly. The kit comes complete with an array of accessories, including guide combs, scissors, styling clips, a barber comb, cape, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, neck brush, and a deluxe hard storage case.

Transform your hair cutting experience with the Conair HC318RV 22-Piece Cord/Cordless Haircut Kit – the ultimate grooming tool for professionals and home-users alike. Invest in quality, precision, and versatility, and enjoy a new level of hair cutting convenience.
  • Long-lasting, self-sharpening blades
  • 50 cutting positions for versatility
  • Cord/cordless operation for convenience
  • Rechargeable battery and optional power cord
  • Ergonomically designed for a sure grip
  • Thumb-adjustable taper control
  • Fast charging AC-DC adapter
  • Comprehensive accessory package
  • Easy maintenance with cleaning brush and lubricating oil
  • Ideal for family and personal use

Conair Hc318RVW 22-piece Cord/cordless Haircut Kit Q&A

What type of blades does this kit have?
Self-sharpening steel blades.
How many cutting positions are available?
50 different cutting positions.
Can I use this clipper cordless?
Yes, it has an optional power cord and a rechargeable battery.
What kind of accessories are included?
Barber scissors, guide combs, 2 styling clips, barber comb, cape, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, neck brush, and a storage case.
Is it easy to maneuver the clipper?
Yes, it's ergonomically designed for a sure grip and complete maneuverability.
How many guide combs come with the kit?
Nine guide combs, including left and right ear guide combs.
What are the charging options?
It easily connects to the included AC-DC adapter for fast charging.
Can I adjust the cutting length?
Yes, it has a thumb-adjustable taper control for multiple cutting lengths.
Is this kit suitable for all hair types?
Yes, it's designed to tame hair of all different types.
Does the kit come with a storage case?
Yes, it includes a deluxe hard storage case.

Experience Salon-Quality Haircuts with Conair 22-Piece Cord/Cordless Haircut Kit

Achieve professional haircuts at home with the efficient and versatile Conair HC318RVW 22-Piece Cord/Cordless Haircut Kit. This all-in-one package equips you with high-quality tools to cut a wide range of styles across all hair types.

Explore your trimming creativity equipped with self-sharpening, steel blades and 5-position taper control that deliver 50 unique cutting positions for exceptional grooming outcomes. Say goodbye to tangled messes, thanks to the optional power cord and a rechargeable battery.

Feel confident and in control using the ergonomically designed Conair clipper, crafted to deliver a secure grip and complete maneuverability around the head. Become your family's go-to hairstylist with the Conair 22-piece haircutting kit that includes a deluxe storage case.

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