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  • Wahl 8986 G Whiz Trimmer
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Wahl 8986 G Whiz Trimmer

by Wahl Item #: WH-8986
Introducing the Compact and Efficient G Whiz Trimmer
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As a trusted name in professional grooming, Wahl clippers and trimmers are known for their durability, performance, and quality.

The G Whiz trimmer may be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch with its ultra-close cutting abilities. Featuring an adjustable pro t-blade, you can easily set it to "zero overlap" for an incredibly close and smooth trim. Say goodbye to stray hairs and welcome a clean, sharp look every time.

Choose from three different attachment combs to achieve the perfect length and style for your hair. Whether you're maintaining a fade, trimming your beard, or shaping your hairline, the Wahl G Whiz trimmer has you covered.

This versatile trimmer is battery-operated, making it perfect for on-the-go styling and touch-ups. The included lanyard ensures you'll never misplace your G Whiz, while the single AA alkaline battery provides long-lasting power.

Maintaining your Wahl G Whiz trimmer is a breeze, thanks to the included oil and brush for cleaning and lubricating the blades. The detailed operating instructions will guide you through the proper care and use of your new trimmer, ensuring a long-lasting and high-quality performance.

Experience the convenience and precision of the Wahl 8986 G Whiz trimmer for yourself. With its unique combination of power, versatility, and portability, this trimmer is the perfect addition to any grooming routine. Trust in Wahl's long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, and step up your grooming game with the G Whiz trimmer.
  • Adjustable t-blade for precision cutting
  • Zero overlap setting for ultra-close trims
  • Battery-operated for ultimate convenience
  • Three different-sized guide combs included
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Professional results in the palm of your hand
  • Easy-to-use for all skill levels
  • Ideal for beards, haircuts, and intricate designs
  • Sharp-looking, high-performance trimmer
  • Includes lanyard, battery, oil, brush, and instructions

Wahl 8986 G Whiz Trimmer Q&A

Is the G Whiz Trimmer easy to use?
Yes, the G Whiz Trimmer is designed for easy use for all skill levels.
How does the adjustable t-blade work?
The adjustable t-blade can be set to 'zero overlap' for ultra-close cutting.
What kind of battery does the G Whiz Trimmer need?
The G Whiz Trimmer requires one AA alkaline battery, which is included.
Can I use the G Whiz Trimmer for intricate designs?
Yes, the G Whiz Trimmer is perfect for creating intricate designs with precision.
How many guide combs does the G Whiz Trimmer come with?
The G Whiz Trimmer comes with three different-sized guide combs for versatile styling options.
Is the G Whiz Trimmer heavy?
No, the G Whiz Trimmer is lightweight and easy to hold.
What is the zero overlap setting?
The zero overlap setting ensures an ultra-close trim every time you use the G Whiz Trimmer.
Can I use the G Whiz Trimmer for beard trimming?
Yes, the G Whiz Trimmer is ideal for beard trimming and maintenance.
What additional items come with the G Whiz Trimmer?
The G Whiz Trimmer includes a lanyard, oil, brush, and operating instructions.
Can I fit the G Whiz Trimmer in my pocket?
Yes, the G Whiz Trimmer's compact design allows it to easily fit in your pocket.

G Whiz Trimmer: Ultra-Close Hair Trimming Made Easy

Discover ultra-close trimming with the G Whiz Trimmer, a compact and battery-operated device that handles like a Wahl clipper but trims hair with unbeatable precision. The adjustable t-blade ensures that hairs effortlessly fly off with every touch, and the zero overlap setting guarantees an ultra-close trim every time.

This lightweight, easy-to-use trimmer comes equipped with three different-sized guide combs for versatile styling options. Whether you're trimming a beard, maintaining a haircut, or creating intricate designs, the G Whiz Trimmer delivers professional results in the palm of your hand.

The G Whiz Trimmer's sharp look and powerful cutting capabilities make it a must-have tool for those who value precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to bulky trimmers and enjoy the convenience of this compact, high-performance trimmer that fits in your pocket and delivers flawless results.

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